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Beware of LTevention aka Next Level Global Events

My wife and I contracted LTevention (now called Next Level Global Events) to provide decor and floral for our wedding on November 2, 2012. During the planning stages, we met with Account Executive Andrea Trubiro assured my wife, who is an event planner, she was also detail oriented and everything would be perfect. We ordered the floral, centerpieces, candles and lounge furniture. The lounge furniture was intended to create a lounge within the reception area for the guys to relax. We spoke to Andrea at length about the importance of using real candles in the centerpieces to create an elegant atmosphere.


When we arrived at the reception minutes before our guests were scheduled to enter the room, we were shocked to see royal blue LED lights used in the centerpieces. The room looked like a Las Vegas nightclub. My wife was rushing around in her wedding dress trying to fix the centerpieces. That issue was resolved because of the fine staff at DragonRidge Country Club. We then realized our one-thousand dollar lounge furniture was nowhere to be found. Later in the night, I found out the leather furniture was placed outside on the patio pushed up against the existing patio furniture. The placement of the furniture was useless for our reception. It was effectively turned into a one-thousand dollar smoking lounge for two of our uncles.


Needless to say, we were disappointed with the services provided by LTevention and my wife e-mailed Andrea the very next day. After not receiving a response to e-mails and telephone calls, I responded in person to speak with Andrea about my concerns. She acknowledged the mistakes and also informed me she never visited the reception site herself. Andrea stated she would speak with General Manager Marty Mundo about reimbursement for the errors. After 11 days of not hearing from anyone, I was finally able to speak with Marty and he said Andrea never told him about the mistakes. Marty told me he expected everything to be perfect as well and would work to correct the errors.


After approximately two weeks of not receiving any phone calls back from Marty, I received the following e-mail on December 6, 2012:


Hello Chris,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I will not be able to refund any monies for the furniture. The rate that was given for those pieces were already highly discounted (this is normally a $2000.00 rental for this furniture) and the product was delivered. I do apologize for the incorrect positioning of the pieces but am unable to provide any compensation for this situation.


I do have the cut check for the other items and you should be seeing this in the mail shortly.


Thank you,


It is December 16 and I still have not received a check for one penny and the e-mail is the first time anyone told us the furniture was highly discounted. The most disappointing part of my dealings with this company is the total lack of customer service after the event.


Unless this company changes the way it treats customers, I don't think trusting them with the biggest day of your life is worth the risk knowing how they will treat you after the check is cashed.

Re: Beware of LTevention aka Next Level Global Events

  • i personally wouldnt cash the check because then u accepting what they sent to u  as suitable return fee.  if u decide to take more drastic measures u and u cash the check it shows the court what they paid is fine and u may not receive more. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Beware of LTevention aka Next Level Global Events</a>:
    [QUOTE]i personally wouldnt cash the check because then u accepting what they sent to u  as suitable return fee.  if u decide to take more drastic measures u and u cash the check it shows the court what they paid is fine and u may not receive more. 
    Posted by southerncutie[/QUOTE]

    Taking legal action against someone costs far more than the amounts involved here; even a demand letter, which would be the first step, would probably cost half of what's hoped to be recovered.  Cashing the check and chalking it up to experience is about all that can be done, and hopefully others will not have the same experiene.

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  • Where should I start with this people just got a 100000 judgment against Laura Travis/ LT for not paying for items purchased from my company. I spoke to bunch of people in Vegas this SOB people owe money to everyone and anyone you can think of. They keep F take people's money and keep transferring the company to some other family memeber, I personally will follow them to their grave to get my money. I just spoke 2 different lawyers in Vegas and they are like we have a case against them as well, that Marty guy shook my hand and promised payment, bad idea to touch my skin with your dirty soul.
  • I like to get in contact with whoever that has had issue with LT evention maybe we can help others to realize that they are scams.
  • I don't understand what the fuss is about. I have had a wonderful experience with Next Level Events. I had delt with Andrea T. and she was the most organized and professional wedding planner I have ever met with. Next Level Events made my wedding day the most memorable day of my life. I never once felt like these people were scamming me at all. I felt very comfortable with the staff and their ability to know exactly what I needed to make my wedding day happen. I would rate them a 10+ and would definitely reccomend this company to future brides and grooms. They were awesome!! Thank you Andrea and staff for all you have done for my husband and I. 

    Jessica Jones
  • Next Level Global Events is the worst wedding planner I could have ever worked with.

    I am giving only a few examples of our extremely unpleasant experience. I feel compelled to tell others about our experience so they can decide for themselves.

    We lived in Santa Monica, and we hired Next Level while visiting Las Vegas on vacation 1 year before our wedding. They seemed very nice at the time and touted excellent credentials. Biggest mistake we ever made. We had to pay 50% of their fee up front, which was well over $3500, and once we did everything went downhill. Our CSR took over 3 days to return urgent phone calls (I only called her 6 times in 11 months), to the many unacceptable vendors she recommended, we were in a constant state of stress every time we had to respond to an email or speak to them. My parents and my fiance? and I flew out for a special trip 7 months before the wedding to do tastings, meet with vendors, etc. First she said she only had 1 hour out of the 5 days we were there to spend any time with us. And when she finally met us, she was completely rude to my parents. We were shocked and embarrassed. We didn't say anything to her at that point because we had paid her a lot of money already and were hoping things would improve.

    Our original agreement was that we only wanted her to recommend vendors to us and that we would do all the work. This was extremely important to us based on our budget. She said no problem, but when the estimates started to come in much higher than we anticipated, we figured she must have been arranging kick-backs from the vendors she recommended to us. All of a sudden everything had to go through her because it was obvious to us that she padding all the estimates we got. We couldn't believe it.

    Most of her vendors were below par, and she only had a few that she considered approved by her. What that meant was that she had personally met and/or worked with only the few that she had on her list. So there were many other vendors that we never even knew about because of her lack of connections. And I had already found 50% of the vendors on my own and was telling her about vendors. Bottom line is that most of the ones she recommended were problematic. We also asked to have everything worked out 7 months before the wedding, so we wouldn't have to deal with things closer to the time. When we flew out to meet her vendors, we were blown away at how terrible most of them were. It was choosing the best of the worst at that point, because we were running out of time.

    After heated discussions about the florist (because we were very worried about the quality of work), we ended up not being able to use this florist after seeing a mock-up of the worst arrangement we have ever seen in our lives. So 3 months before the wedding we had to start from scratch with a whole new florist.

    The day of our wedding was truly shocking. My entire wedding party couldn't believe how little she did and her attitude. Our friends & family were running around doing everything while our CSR sat on the patio and watched. So many of my guests commented on how terrible she was, and we were mortified. I've never met anyone so unprofessional in my life. Needless to say, just thinking about how horrible she was will always a bad taste in my mouth.

    Lastly, she made us pay in full for everything 6-weeks in advance. At that point, our hands were tied since we were having a destination wedding. We've never heard of anyone having to pay in full until a service is performed. Ridiculous, but the chance she might ruin our wedding if we didn't pay in full was too great a risk to take, so we paid. We wanted to fire her months earlier and just hire someone for a ?day of? planner, but we had already paid such a substantial amount of money and deposits. There was no recourse and we were completely at her mercy.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!

    I would strongly urge anyone to not use Next Level Global Events. They have no business in this business! 
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