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HELP! Photographer, bakery & limo.

This will my FI first trip to Las Vegas and my second. I have found some resources but wondered if anyone had personal experience that they would like to refer...

Photographer for a strip tour (1 hour).  I would like to keep this under $200

Bakery.  I would like 2 very small FABULOUS wedding cakes, reasonally priced.

Limo from airport to hotel.  I heard that you could find these very cheap, for the price of cabfare, cheap...?

Re: HELP! Photographer, bakery & limo.

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    Take a look at the sticky at the top of the board..... also....Look in my signature for more useful links.

    I used Gimme Some Sugar.

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    There is a whole line of limos outside of baggage claim at the airport. One guy offered $35 for a ride to the strip.

    I used Cake Designs LV for my wedding cake and it was amazing.
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    We used Todd Wilson for photography. Todd is amazing and very reasonble pricing.

    We rented a car for our stay, but did have a limo for our photo tour with Todd. We used Presidential and had no issues.
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    I 2nd Gimme Some Sugar.  They have mini cakes called "cakelets".  They made a purse for me & the Death Star for FI (yes I married a Star Wars geek!! LOL)

    Used Bently & Wilson for photog - had him for the whole day & he was AWESOME.  Still waiting for my pics (only because I live in Canada & I'm sure customs is taking their sweet time!).
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    Thanks Ladies!!
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    We just went out there for our last time before the wedding and we went to a place called "the Cupcakery" and it was delicious.  I am pretty sure we are going to bo with them.  They do cupcakes or cakes and they can do almost anything you want.  I would totally recommend them and they were really nice. 
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