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Seiji limousine??

Hi everyone. Im on the hunt for a limo/sedan for our strip tour. Ive seen all the reviews for bells, presidential, AWG etc, I was just wondering if anyones ever heard of or used seiji limousines? Their reviews on google are all glowing which makes me suspicious! Anyone on here even heard of them? TIA ladies and gent :) xx
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Re: Seiji limousine??

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    They have no complaints filed with the BBB and they have other positive reviews elsewhere, so they're probably fine.

    I assume the owner is Japanese or Japanese-American by the name, and usually Japanese businesses are very good about being on time, precise, etc. compared to dealing with a lot of other ones.  (Just my experience living in both countries...)
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    Yeh, I came acorss them on the bbb site too. I suppose theyre probably fine. I might send them an email, see how they are with communication.
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    You should!  A lot of the people use the same vendors because they've been recommended many times over, but that doesn't mean other vendors not ever mentioned here aren't worth checking out, too.  :)
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