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Photog questions (cashman and photo tour)

Hey, Knotties :)  I hope everyone's having a nice weekend!

Did anyone take pics with Cashman BEFORE the ceremony?  Did you do your first look pics with them?  I want to have as little time taking pics after as possible (maybe 15-30 minutes), so we can get up to the in-suite. 

We have a friend taking supplemental pictures after the reception (photo tour), and he's awesome.  I have faith that he'll get pics we want if Cashman doesn't.  I honestly would "give back" the hour of photography in my package if I could.

Speaking of photo tours... how did you get to the Las Vegas sign and other photo tour locations?  Did you rent a car, limo, or cab it?


Re: Photog questions (cashman and photo tour)

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    I didn't do a photo tour or first look pic's before the ceremony.

    I got married at the Wynn and the cashman photographer came into the dressing room like 15 mins before the ceremony to introduce himself and to take some pic's of me and my girls. then afterwards, he took pic's of us with all our guests in the courtyard. and when my guests headed into the reception, the photographer took us around the property for about 30 mins to get bride/groom pic's
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    Our photographer comes with an 8 person limo for the entire time, and we rented an add'l 20 person party bus so I don't have to squeeze in the limo with my dress.  We are using Trey Tomsik.  We are doing our photo tour from 2-5pm and our ceremony it at 6pm.
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    I think your best bet would be to ask your WC if you can swap the time for before your ceremony. They only took pic's right before (while I was in the brides room), the ceremony and then right after. I will also say if you tell them you want to be quick and to get back to your guest they will move it along faster for you.
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    Mandalay Bay allows outside photographers in the bride and groom suites (just not in the chapel or in the chapel foyer).  We got our getting ready photos with our regular photographer and then used Cashman for during and after ceremony.  We didn't do a first look, but there are tons of spots outside of the chapel that we could have. 
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    we have Mike L. booked but we prolly wont start using him until right after the ceramony. Ceramony ends at 3. Our recpetion starts at 530 so we will be doing a photo tour in between. We are also renting a car. We never have before in Vegas but with all the times we have to leave the strip (tux pickup/drop off, marriage license) we are renting one. $120 for Thursday-Sunday with Avis for a full then we will be using that during our strip tour..have FMIL drive with us and photag...hopefully we can buzz in and out of places quickly!
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