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our reception venue have cancelled us!!

i'm now back to the drawing board!!!!!!
we had booked firefly @plaza for our meal on sept 1st and they will now not be open due to the plaza being refurbished.they have another property which i have emailed them about but they havent replied!!
firefly were doing a great deal $60 for 3 course meal and 2 hour open bar and they didnt have a f&b minimum.i dont really want to go over the $60.
we also have our limos and party bus booked to the reception so i'm hoping they wont have a problem with changing's aswell i didnt have the invites printed yet!!!!!
all suggestions welcome girls!
we are having 25-30 guests and are getting married at mb @4pm.
p.s surprisingly i didnt have a complete melt down when i recieved the email lol
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Re: our reception venue have cancelled us!!

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    That sucks. The same just happened to ricekim [see her post further down the page]. I would try calling one of their other 2 locations directly to get an answer.
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    Ah. I can relate to you in so many ways. And I had a total meltdown when I heard.

    And I still have a meltdown every time I get an e-mail from them. But our wedding is only 3 months away so I'm on a time crunch. Their other location wasn't available for our date so they offered to transfer my event to Downtown Cocktail Room and they would cater the event.

    I should be happy with the option they offered me but I am not. DCR allows smoking in the establishment and my bridesmaid will have her 6 month old with her. I'm not taking a baby into a smoky bar.

    So far I have contacted Joes, Maggaions, Max Brenner, and Vintner Grill and am crossing my fingers that someone have an open room even though it is only 3 months from now.

    If anyone else has any suggestions for vegasbride2011 post them please so I can mooch off her post. lol.
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    i'm sorry that you've had the same problem ricekim,at least i have 6months you only have 3 :(
     they have just emailed me to say they have another property apart from paradise(which didnt suit) i guess its the DCR.
    i have just emailed about 100 restaurants lol
    i have my fingers crossed for you.
    we also have children in our party so DCR might not be suitable for us either.
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    6 months isn't a long time either!

    I'm just so defeated over this. I have my fingers crossed for you too!
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    Vintner Grill to the rescue!
    I have a beautiful spot in Summerlin. The best hidden gem in Las Vegas - out door Patio - indoor private dining .  50.00 and 60.00 --3 course menu.

    Please contact Patrick Bryant - Director of Special events to assist with all your needs.
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    OMG i feel your pain, my wedding is only 3 months away too and we are scrambling to get answers and figure this out. Thank god I am marrying an attorney - df is handling this because I am on a business trip and do not have time to deal with this bs. I have kids coming to mine too, but at this point it's like what other options do I have but DCB? We already had a set budget and cannot go over that with only 3 months out. Pretty pissed off about this whole thing.

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    The same thing happened to us.  We had Fleur de Lys booked only to find out 4months before our wedding that it was going to undergo renovations.  Here is my advice:

    1.  Stay calm.
    2.  Work with Firefly.  They have completely screwed you at this point and need to fix this.  See what they can offer you and milk it big time.  They have messed up your WEDDING plans.  They need to help make it right.  Do no let them leave you hanging.  If they don't have another option, I'm sure they know of other places and should be making the calls and getting discounts for you.

    From someone who has been through it, I can honestly say that everything worked out for the best.  We were thrilled with our new venue and wouldn't have had our reception anywhere else.  I feel for you!
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    Not sure if they've gotten back to you yet -- however!   The alternate location for Firefly is on Flamingo & Paradise (just north of the intersection on the east side of Paradise).    Firefly is amazing.. the Flamingo/Paradise location is their original restaurant so there shouldn't be any worries about them closing!  ALWAYS busy! :)
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    Hi All,

    It's been a crazy couple of weeks with the whole firefly debacale and then I came down with the flu, so sorry I didn't get to update everyone with my outcome.

    We are working with Firefly, they will still cater their original menu and the bar will be done by DCR. Firefly's other location was already booked for our day, so that wasn't an option for me.

    I let them know we have children in our party, and it's going to work out since we will have the place to ourselves for 3 hours. I was initially worried about bar-goers crashing the party, sharing restroom facilities with others, etc., but now that is resolved as it will be completely private.

    Overall, Firefly has been pretty accomodating with resolving this issue, but we defintely had to call and email many times to push back for more information and what not. It isn't the ideal experience, but it could be 1000x times worse. FI and I decided we're not going to let this hiccup get in the way of our celebration. It is what it is and hopefully our guests will enjoy good food, drinks, and dancing. I can't worry anymore, it's not worth it. Just going to stay positive and say It's going to be a blast.

    Good luck to all who are in the same predicament. I feel for you!
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