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Artisan Hotel?

Has anyone had any experiences with this hotel? We are thinking of holding our ceremony there- I still can't make up my mind :( . I read the reviews on VegasGroom (thank you!) but they were a little mixed so any additional info is def appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Artisan Hotel?

  • I contacted them months ago because I liked them too, but I never heard back from them.
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  • I'm not sure if my reviews are on VG's site, but I'll recap for you (I was there in October). Everything looked great online & I thought that the people were mostly easy to work with. We didn't have our ceremony there but had our in-suite party in their one suite (Masterpiece suite). I did peek at the chapel and it was really pretty but very small. If you have like 10 people or less I think you'd be comfortable. They offer other ceremony areas outside by the pool, and they were really pretty, but there was A LOT of road noise. In the end I was REALLY glad I didn't have the ceremony there. The rooms were really just okay, and the hotel is extremely noisy at night. We were on the top floor one night & could still hear music from the lobby. Those people party 24/7, lol. The bed in the suite was really hard & uncomfortable. The wedding coordinator lady was nice & actually followed up with me several times even though I wasn't having my ceremony there because she knew we were staying there. Honestly, I wouldn't stay there again, but the suite was good fro our party, so I can't say anything bad about that. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to ask me. :)
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  • mrsjrd, do you have a link to your reviews?  I didn't have them but will be happy to link them in.

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  • I will try to find them. I want to update my planning site too so it can be linked to your site... I will work on that too. Gotta pay it forward to the new Vegas brides/grooms!! :)
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