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Reception for 25 guests for $1000... doable?

Am I dreaming in technicolor? Would love to hear your suggestions. My preference would be for Mexican food, as that's my favorite :) but american and italian would be good too. Thanks!!!

Re: Reception for 25 guests for $1000... doable?

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    Hussong's Cantina in the Mandalay mall.  $25 per guest if you do their three course group dining menu, 20% service charge, 8% sales tax.  You'll have $200 left over to buy one of their top shelf margaritas for everyone.

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    We considered Dona Maria Mexican Restaurant for a rehearsal place.  They have a reception hall and I'm pretty sure you can get in around $25 - $30 per person.
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    We had our reception at Lucille's Smokehouse BBQ and we came in waaay under $1,000 including gratuity and tip.  Although we only had 20 people we had more than enough food left over to have fed at least 5-10 more people.  They have a cute little private room which worked out great since we didn't have a ton of decorations.
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    Do you have any photos of the private room?
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    We only have pictures of the reception which show the main room only, sorry!

    The only thing we changed with the decor was the table... we added a table runner and some DIY floral and the blue mason jars to hold them.  They use clear mason jars in lieu of regular glasses.  The booths have tables which we used for our guestbook to be signed.  They brought out another small side table and put it in the corner for our cake.

    Actually there are two "rooms" in the private space.  One we had our table set up and the other small ajoinment to the room was where the BBQ buffet was set up.  (It was served in two courses...  Salad first, then meats and vegetables/sides afterwards.)  We don't have a picture of the second room... but we used it as a space for our guests to put any bags/jackets/etc. they might have brought as well. :)
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    Thanks for posting the photos/info! Love your setup!
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