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I haven't posted much but wanted to post my reviews from my 5/26/12 wedding.

Mandalay Bay - A 
We had no issues with our Vista Suite which was on the 60th floor (btw- the elevator says it needs a keycard to work but it doesn't). The silver chapel worked out just fine and everything went smoothly.

Cashman photography - B
Many of the photo's were good, definitely not all.  Their timeshare like hard sell is annoying and they are soooooo overpriced. 

Harmony Medina - A
She was fantastic!  Did a great job and even added another person at the last minute.  

Bentley & Wilson - A (so far)
Todd was great to deal with.  We haven't seen the pictures yet but I can't imagine they won't be anything but good. 

Masterpiece - A
The food was great- we had way, way too much!  Probably close to double what we needed!

Retro Bakery - A
Loved the cupcakes but got way, way too many.  We had 3 boxes left over!  But I over bought, they suggested less but it just seemed too low to me- should have listened 

Stipsteak - C
We did dinner there one night.  The food wasn't that great and it was way overpriced. 

Slice of Vegas - A
Had lunch there one day - it was really good pizza!

Spa at Mandalay Bay - C
Had a pedicure there - $80! and the got scuffed within 24 hours!

Hope this helps


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