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The wedding is on 4/24/2013 and ill need the dress back by 4/20. Is starting the alterations on march 21 too late? i want to loose the last few pounds before we start

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  • I didn't think I needed alterations except a bustle but now I may need a hem.  So, I am getting marries 4/20 and the steamstress I spoke to wanted me to come in this sat.
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  • For my alterations I was told they need 68 weeks before the wedding and they stressed at least at the 8 week mark.
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    [QUOTE]For my alterations I was told they need 68 weeks before the wedding and they stressed at least at the 8 week mark.
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    aww sh!t. ok, well i guess ill take it to her soon, maybe she can hold off on the taking it in part until later? I just need it hemmed and a bustle, and taken in a bit.
  • I hate using my phone to respond on here! My phone put 68 weeks lol it was 6 to 8 weeks! You could do that also. I'm first having them do my bustle, then once that is done the hem will be next and the taking in.
  • My bustle (at DB) will be done next Wednesday and I asked about needing it taken in and she said that if I do I have to schedule it the night of my appointment to make sure it's done for the first week of April.  I think it really depends on your seamstress, but I'd do it sooner than later.

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  • I needed a lot of alterations and my dress shop was able to get it back to me in a week. I think it depends on the dress shop, but if they say they will get it done then just have faith!
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  • I had my first fitting at about mid-January for my March wedding.  The alterations dept at David's Bridal needed 3 weeks for the hem and bustle.  I had my final fitting and brought my dress home the second week of February.  I had mine done a bit early though because I wanted to be sure I was able to get an appointment at my local DB and I'll be shipping my dress to Fit for a Bride in about a week or two at the latest.
  • yes no later then 8 wks beforehand, its almost wedding season they will be swamped soon!!
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