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Hi everyone.
I am having a morning ceremony on the Fountain Terrace with a sit down brunch service immediately following in the Mesquite Room (Four Seasons). 

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/reviews/suggestions on music options.  I would really like to have a school and/or church gospel choir come and perform at the ceremony and reception.  I would also be interested in having a singer, guitar or piano player perform in addition to that or instead of.
Any ideas are appreciated!

We are also having a reception later that night in the MB Vista suite (catered by Masterpiece Cuisine).  Any suggestions on impersonators?  Elvis is a must (for the FI).  I was also thinking about having Frank/Sammy Jr./Dean. 
Any ideas are appreciated here as well!

Thanks everyone!

Re: Impersonators/Musicians/Gospel Choir/Singer

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    Look up Travis Allen!  I am really excited that I booked him for my Dinner/Reception and he got rave reviews!  His booking agent (his Dad lol) is super nice too!  He'll talk your ear off...

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    I would check with the venue.  They may have someone that they recommend. Some of the hotels are stickler about using outside vendors.
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    Thanks aegrish... will do that!  How much did he charge and how long did he perform?

    LilMiss... I have some reservations about having a party in-suite as well, but Scott and Josh at Masterpiece have assured me that they have done many parties there and it's really not a problem.

    Does anyone know if the windows open in the Vista suite?  Can you smoke up there?  We have smokers on our guest list.  I don't mind if they smoke, but only if the windows open and we can get some fresh air in there!
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    I meant about the singers/choir/musician thing for the ceremony. That might be more difficult and/or have to use the hotel's vendor

    Lots of girls have brought in outside catering to their in-suite. Not a problem.

    For impersonators, look in the Vegas FAQ sticky:

    As far as I know, there are very few hotels in Vegas where you can open a window. (the whole-loosing-everything-and-jumping-out-a-window problem)
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    Thank you LilMiss! :) 
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