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I can't believe its been 4 1/2 months already too. Time is sure flying by. Looks like your date is coming up soon. How has all your planning been going? I miss the board so I just had to come back and help out all the other knotties.

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    Things are going good! I can't beleive I am a week away from being under 100 days. Time is flying by! I ended up getting an extra photographer considering the reviews that my photographer has gotten. I picked the one at the venue without thinking about it UGH is all I can say. Everyone has finally ordered their bridesmaid dresses and I am close to being all set. All the jewelry had been made its just all extra stuff and sending ivitations now. I do have the tasting for the food on sunday which I am excited for but other than that and paying for stuff I am just about set.

    Hows married life???
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    Married life is good, nothing has changed from before when we were not married. It was stressful coming home because we had a bunch of family get togethers and than we started to remodel our house. Things have started to settle down. Time is going to fly by and your day will be here before you know it. Good luck in the rest of your planning.  
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    Thanks keep coming back I missed you and a bunch of others that have disappeared since the planning was over and the pics had come back.
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