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Firefly Downtown Pics?

I know there have been a lot of posts re: Firefly on the boards, but I am hoping someone has some pictures of the banquet room from a reception that they could post, or send me.

I'm 90% sure I am having my reception here, but I am having a hard time envisioning what the layout is like. Plus,being in Chicago doesn't make it any easier ;)   Valeria has been quick to respond to my emails, which is great, however I'm still awaiting her to send me pictures.

Also, I'm considering their 4 course dinner menu, which includes not only tapas, but also steak frites, roasted chicken and paella. Has anyone been/had a reception with this menu? I've read rave reviews of their tapas menu, but haven't seen any feedback on the reg. food. I'm sure it's great though just hoping to get some opinions.

Thanks All ! Couldn't plan any of this w/o your reviews and help Laughing


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