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THANK YOU! Reviews 9-17-11 (long w/ pics)

Sooo, we're MARRIED!!!

By far, Sept 17, 2011 was the best day of both of our lives! We had so much fun and were surrounded by the people who we love and love us the most. A lot went into the planning of such an exceptional day, and it paid off. We couldn't be happier with our wedding and having it in Vegas!! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Every bride and groom deserves the day my husband and I had, and if I can pay it forward, it's the LEAST I an do! THANK YOU to everyone who helped us choose our vendors and gave advise you didn;t even know you were giving. As you'll notice, we didn't grade any vendors in te reviews

bc they were all A ++'s, even with minor misunderstandings or hiccups.

Mandalay Bay/ TheHotel- Accomodations
We arrived Wednesday around noon and got to our hotel for check in around 2 ( after car rental). We were pleasantly surprised with the complementary valet service offered through MB. When he got the to the counter, my now husband executed the sandwich flawlessly. He slipped a $20 between his ID and credit card and the lady checking us in upgraded our MB room to a suite in TheHotel. It was a nice corner suite with a separate living room and bedroom. It was helpful when we were pre gaming for the girl’s night out and the favor assembly party we did.

Switching room from The Hotel to Mandalay Bay was hectic, but the bellman was really helpful and walked out loaded baggage cart through the casino and right to out room. Apparently The Hotel staff aren’t allowed to walk baggage to MB, but the bellman got permission and it was no problem. 

Mandalay Bay- Vista Suite 31235
It was amazing! We had no problems checkin in on Friday and actually got into the suite around noon. We had the bellman take up rentals ( trashcans and coolers) as well as all of our liquor for the reception. We had about 40 ppl in the suite for the reception and it offered plenty of room. It was a little warm when we first entered, but my husband soon realized that he AC was on low fan. Once he changed it to high fan, the room cooled off nicely. Despite my concerns, we had absolutely no issues with noise complaints/ neighbors. The media remote ( i pod, TV, radio, drapes controller) was a little jacked and would lag, but it ended up working fine once we understood its temperament. At one point, the bathroom in the bedroom got locked, and maintenance came up and took care of it. There were no problems with the amount of people in the room or anything. We even had access to the service elevator, which was helpful because it was the Mayweather/ Ortiz fight and everything was hopping! The view was incredible and everyone seemed to enjoy the room. We also used the room to get ready on Saturday and watched football on Sunday with our families. It was a great space to have and very convenient.

Todd, Bently Wilson
He was great. Fit right in with the families and it was like he wasn’t even there, very non obtrusive. He’s a great value and even stuck around after he was supposed to head out.  He showed up around 4, just in time for me to put my dress on, and he got right to work. He did a great job of making us feel comfortable finding unique shots. He was open to lots of ideas and went with it. You can tell he loves his job and he was a great guy to have capture our day. He helped us get the shots we wanted without sacrificing alot of time with our friends and family.  We had him for about 6 hours and he got over 1000 shots. We’ll have our cd in about 3 weeks. Can’t wait to see what he got!

They did great work, but they weren’t very accomodating or transparent about final payment. I asked about three weeks ago if we could prepay, and Elise let me know that they need payment day of. They never let us know that it was cash only, which caused a bit of a scramble. Good thing I have amazing friends, who pulled out the cash we needed.

The work was good, I got airbrushed makeup and hair and make up for my mom, mother in law and sister. The make up was a little more quality than hair, but still good. Also I got the fake lashes and I thought they were great,just make sure James puts them on really really well. Also the m/u they used is hyper reflective in non professional close up shots, so in some of the photos, I looks like i have white under my eyes. My photog assured me his pics woudn’t catch that, so it was fine.

Retro bakery
Cake was beautiful and delicious. IT was buttercream frosting with yellow cake. It was a 3 tier ( 6, 8, 10) with a royal blue ribbon at the base of each tier. It made me cry when I saw it. Retro was an amazing value, but a little unorganized leading up to delivery. Brian seems like a cool dude, but a little flighty and there was some confusion about out order, but nothing we didn’t get figured out.

RSVP Rentals
We got a few items for the suite- trash cans, coolers and a lattice/ room divider. It was easy to work with them and to pick up our items. Inconvenient that they are closed Sunday, but the staff was friendly and helpful. For those doing in suites, we highly recommend trash cans bc the ones in the suite are tiny and you;d be surprised how much garbage accumulates.

Traci, Scheme Events
Traci was the hero of our day! There was not a detail she overlooked or request she wasn’t happy to help with. We hired her for a 5 hours for day of coordination, but she did so much more. She let us ship her the components for our favors so we wouldn’t have to travel with them and was proactively contacting all of our vendors in the weeks prior to our wedding. She picked up ice on her way to the suite and then proceeded to transform the space from beauty parlor to cocktail reception in no time flat. Even as the night wore down and she had finished everything we asked of her, we did not want her to leave. I could not put a price on the services she provides, she allowed us to enjoy our day to its fullest and was a pleasure to work with. Any couple who is scheduled to work with Traci in the future should consider themselves blessed.

Ty, Absolute Beverage
We initially worked with Lynn for the scheduling and planning and she informed us that Ty was going to be our bartender for the reception. Ty was personal and friendly, doing everything from mixing a custom shot to putting out fires. He was also pretty handy cutting and serving the cake. Any second guesses we had about having a bartender were quickly erased by Ty. He turn our night from hotel party to reception and was a big part of our big day.

Double  Decker Bus Company
Warren was our bus driver for the strip tour following our ceremony. He was a very cool guy and super accommodating to our somewhat rogue itinerary. We wanted to get some pictures from a vacant lot by Luxor but were greeted by a locked gate. Warren stopped the bus in the median and let us run out with our photog to get the shots we wanted. Additional stops at the Vegas sign and Bellagio had us on the road for about 90 mins. He even came out of his way to pick up the beer and water for our tour before the ceremony. The double decker bus tour was one of the highlights of night and Warren was a big part of it. While a strip tour seems like a common option when scanning the boards, it is something that your guests will not see coming and truly love. The pick up spot is a little far from the Valley of the Falls (ceremony location), but Warren agreed to pick us up in a closer driveway.

Jaimie, The Chapel at Mandalay Bay
Jaimie was assigned to our wedding about mid-way through the planning process (first coordinator was promoted) but she picked it up seamlessly. The ceremony site was amazing ( Valley of the Falls), along with  the music and the decor. Really breathtaking. Our minister was great, too. I believe his name was Rudy, and he walk us through everything and made it easy for us to enjoy the moment. We had one hiccup when our exit song CD wouldn't work, but Jaime caught it before the ceremony. My husband thought I was going to freak out, but I didn't even notice, I was so happy to be married :).

They were good pics, just really expensive. We got 12 for our package, but left it at that.

Meet and Greet, Eye Candy Lounge
We did this on Friday around 7:30 and it worked out perfectly. We sent a mass text of where/ when and had guests spread the word. It wasn't busy at 7:30 and the loud, club music didn't start pumping until 9:30 or 10, so we had a great space and atmosphere to see our guests before wedding day. We pulled the little lounge chairs together with no problems and had enough seats for everyone. The drink prices were more pricey for top shelf ( 12 bucks for a cherry vodka/sprite) but beers were 6 bucks and house/well drinks were 8 and that's about as reasonable as it gets IMO.

Brian Cartwright, M&G Photog, other photo's
Full disclosure, Brian is my cousin's husband. He lives in AZ, but I have to give him props. He did a great job of capturing some candid moments at the meet and greet and I know he was snapping away during the reception, and bus tour. I don't know how into wedding photography he is, but he definately has a passion for photography and it was nice to have another pro/semi pro taking pics. Here are some pics from the from the M and G below.

Non pro pics for fun:

from meet and greet

Re: THANK YOU! Reviews 9-17-11 (long w/ pics)

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    LOVELY and great reviews!  You looked like you enjoyed yourself, at least a little.

    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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    starryeyed77starryeyed77 member
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    Congrats!! Thanks for the reviews. We are doing VOTF as well.
    Very important question--Where did you get your shoes, love them!

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    Hey lady was the shoe retailer! Love them!
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    starree444starree444 member
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    Everything looked amazing! Congratulations!
    We are planning to do our reception in a vista suite so it's good to know that it fits 40 people comfortably.

    I'm going to have to try and $20 sandwich thing... :)
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    Congradulations! NOTHING is more beautiful than a happy bride!
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    Congrats, from those pics you looked awesome & like you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for the reviews :)
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    Amazing I am so glad you had a great time! I am actually using glamsquad DD Bus and the vista suite for my reception.

    do you have any photos from the vista suite? I am actually nervous about decorating and getting ready !

    congrats newly wed!
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    Congrats! Sounds like a really good time. And you looked gorgeous!
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    You looked beautiful!  Congrats!
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    Congratulations, I am going to try the sandwich trick too ;-)
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:91Discussion:9353a1ac-4f73-49cb-bd1d-14b47dc28810Post:3232b81d-0a5b-411a-a8b9-e4dfce51e152">Re: THANK YOU! Reviews 9-17-11 (long w/ pics)</a>:
    [QUOTE]Amazing I am so glad you had a great time! I am actually using glamsquad DD Bus and the vista suite for my reception. do you have any photos from the vista suite? I am actually nervous about decorating and getting ready ! congrats newly wed!
    Posted by JenniferPro89[/QUOTE]

    There are tons from Todd that I will post as soon as I get them! Everyone's camera's died before the suite bc they were busy snapping on the bus tour! Lol!
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    Thanks for the post!  I was trying to pick a meet and greet place for the night before - i'm glad the eye candy lounge worked out!
    Sarah Las Vegas Bride
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