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76 days to go.. and we have a medical emergency

On Christmas Day I was driving my FI back from visiting my parents. It's roughly about a 12 hour drive, and about 3 hours into the drive FI started having seizures- something he has never had before. It made for a very scary scene on the side of the highway.. but he has been in the hospital since and is doing well. That said, still no clue when we will get out- and he cannot work for quite a while. This entire episode has made me realize what is important in life, it was so scary!
Now that I've been sitting here in the hospital with him for 4 days I can't help but worry about the future, including our wedding. We are so close, and I am wondering if he will be well enough come March. Not only that, but with him not working, money is going to be extremely tight. We were already on a budget and now I keep thinking I should be saving what little money we do have to live- not party in Vegas. I just don't know what to do..
I have our invites sitting at home ready to send out, and I am hesitating now. That said, most of the wedding has already been paid for. I've paid all but one final payment (which I have in savings) to the Platinum, HMUA has been paid in full, I owe Todd a couple hundred, and that is about it. I don't think I'd get deposits back if we were to cancel now..

I realize this post may seem extremely selfish, but I needed to vent and get feedback from some other brides. I think sitting in the hospital room for days having very little to do but think has made me a little crazy. Please know, I don't mean this to come accross like I don't care about my FI health- that is my number one priority, but this is something I have to decided on pronto. Save the dates are out and people are making reservations and invites need to go out soon.

Re: 76 days to go.. and we have a medical emergency

  • I'm praying for your fiancé and for you.. You absolutely don't sound selfish... there has to be someone that thinks of these things...I think right now isn't the time for you to make any decisions... Just take care of your baby... Keeping you guys in my prayers
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  • How scary that must have been for both of you! Glad he's ok. I think you should give it as much time as you can afford until you can get some advice from doctors as to what's going on and if March is not enough time to recover and be 100% or not.  If it isn't then I think it'd be smart to postpone if you can. Or since this is definitely a brush with some serious reality do a JOP ceremony and then when he's well enough go out to Vegas and party. It'll save some money too. But here's to hoping it's an isolated incident and you can stick to your original plan! 
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  • It's  not selfish to think about your finances for the immediate future. His health is more important right now and part of his recovery is planning for it when he's home, including financially.

    While you may not be able to get deposits back, call your vendors and explain the situation. They may be willing to let you change your dates without losing anything. Tell them nothing is definite for a few weeks, when you'll have a better assessment of his health and recovery. It can't hurt to ask and offer to show them proof if necessary. I think Todd has moved dates before with notice. I bet MUA will too. If not, ask if you can transfer your appt/deposit to someone else. I bet another knottie will be happy to take it for a discount.

    If you are flying, the airline may accomodate you too at no extra charge. JetBlue has done it for me when I suddenly had an interview related issue come up for work.
  • prayers with u and family.  i agree with PP.  talk to vendors and let them know whats going on and see if change the date and you can let them know if few weeks when have a better judge of whats going on . 
  • My prayers go out to you and your fiance. I also agree with everyone else.
  • My prayers go out to you and your fiance. I also agree with everyone else.
  • What about postponing? I think the vendors would understand an emergency like this...also talk to the doctors and explain your situation, maybe they can give you some answers as to what the plan is and time frames. It all depends on whats causing the seizures, has he had any since that first episode? (im a nurse) seizures happen for many different reasons, sometimes it can be an isolated incident....Id say dont panick yet, give it another week or two before making any real decisions, focus on him for now...and wait for a diagnosis.
  • Very scary; I hope everything turns out for the best in all areas!

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  • Thank you all for the advise. I'm going to wait and see what happens. FI is doing a bit better but it looks like he will be in the hospital for a few more days. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery or flexible vendors. Thank you all for the advice- I knew you'd understand my hesitation and worry!
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