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Back from scouting with reviews!!!!!!!

Vegas was fun. Well my fiance and I went to taste cake and see the florist and to meet with the photographer.....

First meeting was with the florist we met with Jimmy Drake from foxtail plant and floral. That went great only thing he let me know since I was really short I needed to take a few flowers out of the bouquet or it would be bigger than which no problem. I'm not a flower type person so he had great ideas for non floral centerpieces that I loved. So that was great and pricing is very reasonable and you can't argue with that.

Next stop was our cake tasting. The bakery we chose is Caked Las Vegas. We tasted a marble, vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate.  All flavors were great  so we decided to have the marble, vanilla, and red velvet all on the cake. So each layer will be a different flavor of cake. The design we came up with was great and glad we chose her and cake wait to see the full finish product.

Last stop we had was to meet with the photographer. We met with Danielle Debruno. Looked at her photos from prior weddings and was impressed. Her photo packages are reasonable so we will be going with her. I'm still debating on doing a Trash the Dress photo session day after the wedding....

Side note: We also ate dinner at the restaraunt that will be catering our wedding we wanting to taste the food without them know we were the couple that they were catering to see how the service was and to see if the food was good. We don't do our actual tasting until April. I must say we were very pleased and the good was great and service was exellent. We ate at Carve inside of the Eastside Cannery. let me know what you think ladies. If you need any help let me know I live in California but I'm from Las vegas.

Re: Back from scouting with reviews!!!!!!!

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