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Black Friday week on the Strip... What to expect?

I was just wondering what it will be like.  I've been to Las Vegas in July, will it pretty much be the same or should I expect more crowds and people everywhere?

TIA !!!
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Re: Black Friday week on the Strip... What to expect?

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    We've been there for Thanksgiving weekend (Thur-Mon), St. Patrick's Day, March Madness and a random weekend in January. St Patty's Day and MM were definately the worst. I'm used to shopping on black Friday and Vegas was nowhere near as bad as typical malls and stores. We took a taxi to the Forum Shops and the Venetian from Excalibur and it didn't take any longer than usual. I'd say expect a slightly larger crowd, but nothing insane. Good luck!
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    Ditto PP. If you're shopping on the Strip for Black Friday it won't be as bad. Because all the crowd will be at the outlets and malls instead! 
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