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Kids flying

Hey ladies, 

Anyone have any ideas/websites where I can get stuff to put together to keep the 2 boys we have coming w/us occupied on our long flight?  They are 9 and 4 and have not been on a plane before so I was hoping to put together some activity packs for them to keep them busy. 


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    kara811kara811 member
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    How about bringing a portable DVD player so they can watch movies and cartoons? I also suggest activity books like coloring, but the 9 yr old might not be into that. 
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    That is definitly not a fun flight! My family lives in Boston so I have to endure it from time to time. iPads, Headphones, Puzzles. I once kept my 7 year old brother occupied for 2 hours on a car ride by letting him play Oregon Trail on my iPhone....he was silent the whole time!
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    children's nyquil?  JK!  My nephew's 4 and he will color or read for hours.  It actually keeps him occupied longer than watching dvd's.

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    Do not rely on the TV's of the plane! I have been on 2 flights in 2 years that couldnt get the satelite aggrivating...I love to read so I had a great book by DH was bored with his ipod within an hour.

    I gotta suggests the obvious, DVD player and movies with headphones, portable game system, books (maybe one on planes), coloring/activity books and maybe a bionicle or transformer they can build and rebuild.

    Mostly I suggest food! Plane food is so expensive (and unhealthy) so buy snacks that can get past security and a couple drinks once across :)

    Good luck,

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