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I saw that you posted about Max Brenner on someone elses post about rehersal dinner. What do you think of it for a reception dinner. I've never been there but I contacted their banquet manager and their prices seem reasonable.

Is it nice enough for a reception?

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    Hi rice,

    Seriously, I considered it. It is in the forum shops across from H&M. It is two levels and the upstairs is two rooms. One is completely private and I think it holds 22, the other is semi private and that holds 50. The only reason they say it is semi private is because you have to go upstairs for the restrooms, but they are down the hall from the rooms. The semi private room also has a "cutout". It's not a balcony, but almost like a window with no window for lack of a better term!

    The decor is all dark wood and modern. The food choices are a little more casual and the waiters wear all black. If you are looking for a more laid back vibe I would totally recommend it. The food is excellent and the desserts are so good. Chocolate pizza? The staff is super friendly and accomodating. Usually Max Brenner himself is there waiting tables.

    I love the decor. Overall it is a muted vibe. I would totally recommend it. For a less formal reception I would totally go for it.

    We are going to Vegas three weeks before out wedding in May and I already told FI that is the first stop before check in!

    The portions are also huge. If you go to and search Max Brenner there are pictures of some of the inside.

    If there is anything else I did not think of let me know.
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    We are also to Vegas the end of April. I know we are going there for dinner at least once (maybe 4 I could take pics of the upstairs for you if you did not book anything by then.

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    Thanks for the info. It is one I am considering, but am unsure of.
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