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bridesmaid/groomsman question

So I have 3 Bridesmaids (2 sisters and best friend) and there's 4 groomsman (my brother, his brother, and 2 best friends). I've really struggled with adding another. I also have my 2 year old sister as a flower girl and considered having my brother just hold her hand down the aisle (since who knows if she would even walk down alone) but my dad said he thought that was weird. Can I have an uneven number? And if so how will that work? Someone suggested the guys don't walk down. Thoughts?

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    Uneven numbers are fine - we were going to be in a similar situation before one GM had to back out (his dad got sick) - we would have just had two guys walk on either side of one girl. Don't pick an extra BM just for the sake of even numbers.
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    Yep...uneven number is fine. We had the guys and the girls walk down the aisle separately. It worked out fine.
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    you're fine.  I just had a BM who swore up and down she would be there and of course backed put.  Now we'll have 2 GM & 1 BM.  I'm not stressing out about it.
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    We have an uneven number too. 5 BM and 6 GM, we're also having our 2 year old nephew walk down, so we figured we can have one of the GM walk down with our nephew. It works out perfect! But even if it was uneven it's no big deal and doesn't look weird :)
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    Don't worry about it.  It is very common.  I may end up having one BM and two GM's.
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    We were originally doing 3 bridesmaids and 1 groomsman so I think it's perfectly fine.  FI finally made up with his best friend so now we're 3 & 2, still uneven.  I figure why be forced to add someone just for the sake of adding them, you want your favorite people up there.
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