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after reception hangout

What would be a good place for us and the guests to go to after the reception? We dont want to go to a packed club and want to be somewhere thats comfortable, but still fun. Ill be in my wedding dress still. Is burlesque a packed club or could we all have a good time and still sit and chill?

What are you doing after the reception?

We will also be away from the guests for 2 hours while doing our photo strip tour. Should we just tell people we are going to such and such bar after the strip tour? No one is obligated to hang out with us after the reception and we probably wouldnt stay long

Re: after reception hangout

  • You should try THEmix at Mandalay Bay. It's a really nice lounge on the 64th floor of THEhotel with great view of all the strip. They have a small dance floor and great music and not at all crazy like other places.
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    Where's your reception going to be?  And day of week and time of day?

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    [QUOTE]Where's your reception going to be?  And day of week and time of day?
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    Its at wicked spoon until 930 and then we are going on a photo strip tour from930 until 1130, so looking for a place to go after that and for people to hang out if they want to
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