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FUN restaurant reccomendations for "rehersal/meet and greet" dinner?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a fun restaurant for our rehersal dinner.  Really its more of a meet and greet type thing since there are only 4 people in our wedding party.  We will have around 30 guests that range in age from small children (under 5) to senior adults in their 80's.

I just want something fun that everyone will enjoy.  I don't have to have a private room or anything but I would like for everyone to at least be able to sit in the same general area together. 

I'm looking for something with a fun atmosphere I guess is what I'm trying to say.

We plan on doing dinner and then doing the double decker bus tour afterwards.

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Re: FUN restaurant reccomendations for "rehersal/meet and greet" dinner?

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    What hotel is everyone staying in or around?

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    Our guests will probably be staying at Circus, Circus since its inexpensive and FI and I are paying for 2 nights for them.  Plus, almost every family has children so that will be easy for them to be entertained there with the Adventure Dome. 

    I don't necessarily have to have anything right there because most people will have their own transportation and for those who don't we are renting a 16 passenger van.

    We plan on going to dinner first, meeting back at Circus Circus where the DD bus will pick us up for the tour.  Then when the tour is over the bus can drop everyone back off at Circus Circus where the guests will be staying. 

    I'd like to stay around $30-$35/pp if possible and I'd like to find somewhere that everyone would enjoy.  I'd first considered the Tournament of Kings dinner show at Excalibur but its $60/pp so thats pretty much double what I'd like to spend.  I'm not familiar enough with Vegas (especially with kids) to know which restaurants have a good atmosphere for both adults and kids. 

    So yeah, I need advice from Vegas veterans! lol

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    This is off the strip but I think you can have some fun and keep it around $30 per person:

    They have some dinner sets for $40 which can feed 4 people so you have some buffer for some add ons.  You might want to call ahead if you are going to seat 30 people.

    The Palms Buffet for dinner is also in that $30 per person range.

    The Buffet at Main Street in Downtown Las Vegas is an excellent value well under $30 per and you can walk around after and do the Fremont street experience after eating.  They can't guarantee that you will all be sitting together on a Friday or Saturday night but they do a pretty good job of keep your party together.
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    Two i've been looking at are Rainforest cafe and Hofbrauhaus.
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    I second rainforest cafe at mgm, kids will enjoy the theme x
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    I had actually thought about the Rainforest Cafe at MGM but I was wondering if it would be "too much" for the adult crowd (monkeys screeching, birds chirping etc...)  I know FI and I would be fine with it, I've actuallly been there.  I'm wondering if they'd be able to seat a groupl that large together

    I'm' gonna see if anyone else has suggestions and I'm going to check out the other recommendations I've gotten so far and see where I end up.

    Thanks so much everyone!
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    Kahunaville (Treasure Island) or Diablos (Monte Carlo)!
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    Kahunaville was my first thought when I read this post....Poeple always have a blast there, regardless of age. Wedding Countdown Ticker image119 Dealt!
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    We went to D*ck's Last Resort at Excalibur (LOL @ TK for not letting put "the word" in. HAH!) immediately after the ceremony to blow off steam, get drinks and relax - dinner wasn't for 4 more hours later at a completely different location. It's SUPER casual / low key in there. I think the atmosphere would be the same as Kahunaville.

    They make paper hats for pretty much any/every one - the kids will probably get a kick out of that?

    Otherwise, I agree with Rainforest Cafe - it's a little obnoxious, but would be best for keeping kids distracted (it's just off the casino floor - there's no where else for them to go / nothing to do but wander around the restaurant.)
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