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Timeline for InSuite reception

What kind of timeline did you have for your insuite reception. I am wondering how long people stayed in your room before leaving for the night.

Re: Timeline for InSuite reception

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    Check out threemarie's bio. She has an awesome one in there!
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    My wedding was at 7:15 downstairs in the chapel. I have no idea what time we actually arrived. Once we arrived we:

    First dance
    Father/daughter & mother/groom dance
    A few posed family pictures
    Cut the cake

    Some of our older guests left after the cake cutting, but we ended up kicking people out at 12:30. I was exhausted!
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Timeline for InSuite reception</a>:
    [QUOTE]Check out threemarie's bio. She has an awesome one in there!
    Posted by Kmills811[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>Thanks! I was going to post that I had a time line in my bio, but thanks for beating me to it :) </div>

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    7:30 In-suite ceremony
    7:45 Recessional out into the hallway, a few pictures
    7:50 Bride and groom announced, buffet open

    I can't remember when we cut our cake, I know we moved it up a bit because the photographer had to leave.  The bar closed at about 9:45, people stuck around chatting until after 11:00, I think.
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