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Double Decker Bus Route

We leave in NINE DAYS! Holy Moly!

I am finalizing the bus route with Judy at DD Bus and wanted to get some feedback. We have the bus from 5 to 7. 

She suggest that we go to the LV sign first since it is really close to MB. Here are we are going to get group photos. She initially suggested we than head north to Fremong Street to catch the Viva Vision light show - but that is not happening during our time frame. So now she said we could let everyone off for 15 minutes. That just seems odd to me. What are you going to go do for 15 minutes??? 

She suggested after Fremont as can head back south and stop at the Bellagio for a fountain show and then drop back at M.Bay.  I like this suggestion.

What stops did you make or are you planning on making? She mentioned a Treasure Island Sirons show?? and the the mirage volcano erupting. Hmmm...not to sure about these two.

Advice welcomed!!!!

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    Wow 9 days....sooooo close!

    We are not using the DD but a limo bus but we are planning a stop at freemont. There are some great old style vegas photo opportunities in that area. There are also a lot of bars that people can grab drinks at. I think there is one of those icy alcoholic drink bars outside. We were thinking of gettting everyone a drink whilst we snap a few photos.

    We plan on doing the fountains as well and we want one of everyone going up/down on the escalators that cross over the strip. And we are going to try for some at the Venetian/Paris.
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    Fremont Street will have at least one Elvis and one showgirl ready for pictures.  Additionally, there are bars, old casinos with great signage, and ususally some street performance going on.  15 minutes will go FAST.  It may take that long just to get a drink.
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    I think the 15 minute stop at Fremont is so that you can see the most sights in your 2 hour rental. You tell people 15 minutes and they go off wondering around for 30 minutes of your  hours. A 15minute stop worked great for us!
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