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Valley of the Fall Photography Question

From the reading the site, I see that the wedding packages include 20 pictures or so. Can you choose to have another photographer in addition to their photographer? I saw one bio where it looked like her outside photographer took pictures during the ceremony as well. I'd really like to have my choice of photographer and not have to pay their ridiculous prices for additional prints. I'd also like to do a strip tour and have reception pictures. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! :)

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    Also, if you choose to have your ceremony somewhere else but you're staying at the Mandalay Bay, can you take pics there? Thanks!
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    I did not have my ceremony nor stay at Mandalay Bay, but our photographer used VOF as one of our locations on our photo tour.

    Some hotels will allow an outside photographer but you will have to pay an additional fee.
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    If you get married at VOTF, you have to use Cashman as your official ceremony photographer - comes with the cost of the package. However, you can "sneak" in a second photog (w/o flash) who sits as a guest. Cashman is the only one allowed in the altar area and the family shots immediately afterward. You get Cashman for about 40 minutes after the actual ceremony.

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    Thats what bugs me about a lot of these venues is the fact that you can't even choose your own photographer.  Its just crazy........
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    Most of the resorts have contracts with a large photography business called Cashman, and I believe the photography is a significant income stream for both the resort and the vending business.  If you were to bring in your own photographer for free, there would be less incentive for you to buy Cashman's photos or extend your time with their photographer.  However, if you pay the outside vendor fee, the involved groups are guaranteed extra money.  A few of the locales on the strip (like Four Seasons) have their own preferred vendor that is not part of Cashman.

    As far as I understand it, standalone chapels tend to have their own in-house photographers that are employees of the chapel.  The same thing applies: Photo packages, additional time, or the vendor fee.

    Other smaller resort/hotel locations (including Loews of Lake Las Vegas) off the strip often don't have in-house photographers and place few or no restrictions on your photographer.

    Wedding-specific venues like The Grove, Grand Terrace, Rainbow Gardens, or Sunset Gardens all usually have "preferred vendors" and a few may have their own in-house photographer.  If they have their own in-house photographer, they may charge a vendor fee or place some limitations on the photographer's mobility. Occasionally, a vendor fee may also be charged if you do not use their "preferred vendors" but instead select your own.  The vendor fee is usually not as high as the Strip resorts.

    Most country/golf clubs do not have vendor fees, and only a few may have their own in-house photographer.  They usually put few or no restrictions on an outside photographer.  Some of the nicest ones I know of are Angel Park, Red Rock, and Dragon Ridge country clubs - Dragon Ridge seems to have an especially elegant reception hall, and the food is excellent at all three.

    Most Catholic churches in the Las Vegas area allow outside photographers (and to my knowledge, none of them have in-house photographers), but they place restrictions on flash or movement.  I know that St Joseph Husband of Mary is one of the most photographer-friendly churches, and they allow flash and plenty of movement for the photographer.  Guardian Angel cathedral permits more limited mobility and only allows flash for the processional (none during the rites).  the Nellis Air Force Base chapel is the most photographer-friendly chapel I am aware of, and allows both flash and full movement during the ceremony.

    And yes, you can usually take photos around Mandalay Bay grounds, whether you're staying there, having your ceremony there, or not.  They tend to be pretty lenient there, and the grounds are nice.

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