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Mandalay Bay size of Chapels (PIP)

I am getting married in the Silver chapel this May and will be having a guest list of about 45. The chapel sits 50, however, after looking at videos of weddings in there there are only 4 rows of chairs and they squeeze each chair right next to eachother. Im wondering if the Platinum chapel (seats 100) will be more comfortable for guests as well as nicer over all bc of the longer aisle. What do you all think? The Platinum chapel is a $250 upcharge, The pictures MB sent me are from the side so I couldn't really see how small it is in there :( Is the $250 upcharge worth it? Thoughts?

Here's the silver chapel:
 (Door is in the middle of aisle right where photo cuts off)

Here's the Platinum chapel:

(Door is to the side)
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Re: Mandalay Bay size of Chapels (PIP)

  • if youre willing to spend the extra money i would upgrade to the bigger room. your guests wont feel so cramped and neither will you. i wouldnt want to feel like ppl are sitting right in the middle of me and Mr.S' moment. good luck! we upgraded to valley of the falls! cant wait!
  • The silver chapel has a "L" shaped aisle. Is that something that you want/ don't mind?
    Also I think it'll also depend on if there'll be pew arrangements or aisle treatments..? They might make the space even more cramped?
    Our wedding day also marks our 11th anniversary of being together :)
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  • To reach maximum capacity in any of their chapels you are crammed in like sardines.  When we visited the platinum chapel it would have required removing the piano to actually reach the 95 person limit, and they were definitely very close together.  If you're only five short of their limit, I'd definitely bump up to the next option.

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  • Thanks for all the opinions! I'm going to inquire about the Platinum chapel for sure. I loved valley of the falls but they only seat 50 and charge for extra seats so I don't want to be stuck if more guests come than rsvp'd. Since May is going to be hot i don't wants anyone uncomfortable in the heat outside so I'm def having ceremony in the chapel for AC! The more i look at the pictures and video online I think the Platinum chapel is necessary. If I were a guest I would feel uncomfortable squeezed in almost touching shoulder's in the silver chapel! 
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  • What day in May is your wedding? I'm May 26th and we are getting married in the Gold Chapel at Mandalay!
  • I was married at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Chapel and we had 50 guests. The Platinum Chapel was perfect -plenty of room for everyone and beautiful.  I looked at the other two chapels and they looked so small--you could literally walk down the aisle in 5 seconds.  Pay the extra $250--you won't regret it!
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  • We got married in the Silver chapel in September and we had exactly 50 guests.  However, we could have easily fit another 10 people - there were empty chairs around the aisle and everyone had plenty of room.  Good luck!
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