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Vegas printable paper?

I'm planning on making origami cranes for to put at each seat for our guests.  I would love to be able to do this with some Vegas-themed paper.  Much better would be a some kind of large image on the web I could just print straight onto fancy origami paper sold here.

Other than that, a big check- we booked our flights!  The price finally went down enough to where it was affordable and the yen is super strong ATM so yay!  =)

Re: Vegas printable paper?

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    I don't do origami, do I don't know how thick the paper can be, but will scrapbook paper work?
    Or if you just want a large image, check out, you can purchase great large images there.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!  I guess what I'm looking for is a large scan of a scrapbook piece of paper or a tiled website background kind of like this:

    In fact I would buy this scrapbooking paper and scan it on my scanner except it's sold out.  I don't really care about the colors since I can change them with a graphics program to fit our wedding colors.  =)

    In general the scrapbooking paper would be too thick to fold easily and I'd have to cut it down to size with a paper cutter so I thought scanning and scaling the image to fit a regular size piece of origami paper would be much easier and more economical.
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