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Stardust Suite package?

I've been searching the forum, and I keep seeing a $3500 minimum for use of the Stardust suite for the weekend.

Can anyone clarify what that includes?  Is is multiple days, 1 day?  I'm looking to host our wedding reception/dinner there as opposed to Maggiano's and wondering if its worth it compared to other suites.  We're going to have around 30-35 guests.

Re: Stardust Suite package?

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    I'm using the suite for my reception, the $3500 is for one night, it will include food, beverage, cake, if you want.  Remember the $3500 is before t & g, which adds another $1k roughly.  I think its cheaper for a weeknight, I have it for a weekend.

    The suite would totally work for 30-35 guests.  You get the stardust suite and the presidental suite that adjoins to it to stay in overnight.  It has seating for 80 so you would be good there.  It's off the strip but they have a shuttle, but you still may want to provide transportation, its a 5-10 minute cab ride though.

    If there is a package that is something new, that I haven't heard about.

    Feel free to PM me if you have questions or ask them here.

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