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Room decor for Vista Suite

Hi Everyone, I had a chance to scope Mandalay Bay on a work trip and my bigest concern is the decor/ condition of furnature in the Vista Suite. I think its an easy fix, but wanted to hear from you all about what decor you used- flowers, signage, table clothes etc. Who did you use for floral? Help is always apprecaited. Other than this, I was THRILLED. Love the hotel, love the Valley of the falls and the shops and restaurants. I am SO excited.

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    aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    We didn't really do any decorating.  I bought a pack of tea lights from IKEA and scattered them around, along with some rose petals, and that was pretty much it.  It's a nice room as it is, it doesn't need much extra.  There are a few pics in my bio if you like.
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    ginamarie1985ginamarie1985 member
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    I plan on using lots of tealights (still deciding between real or flamless), I am renting black tablecloths through my work that I will put over the food table and cake table (which we are bringing - a small folding table), I made a big tall silk flower centerpiece to be above the food, we plan on using one of the side counters to display framed engagement photos and baby pics with candles, and I bought vases to hold all of our bouquets (mine will go next to the cake, 1 next to guest book, and 1 on each end of the bar).  We will also have big glass fish bowls of wedding-colored M&Ms scattered around the different end tables, and somewhere (not sure where yet), we will be diplaying all of the custom Jones sodas we are bringing.

    Of course if you are flying, then most of my ideas would probably not be possible (I am driving to Vegas from AZ).  If you plan on having enough people in there, the decor and furniature may not even be noticed.
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    I've been wondering the same thing! Thanks for all of your ideas:)
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