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Need opinions!!!!

Ok so after several pots of coffee and a late night I've narrowed down some ideas from all of the fab info everyone has provided!  Now I need opinions... 

Chapel location: Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Night time garden ceremony       ($525 seemed a little high? Idk if it is or I'm just cheap Lol  Theirs looked the prettiest and I really want to do it outside at night)
Makeup/Hair:  Glamsquad  (and is airbrushing worth it or look good?)  their before and after pics look awesome
Pictures:  B&W  (still undecided if we are going to do this, but I like their pics best)

Well that is what I have come up with so far so...anyone ever use any of the places/people listed above?  Reviews good or bad appreciated!!

Re: Need opinions!!!!

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    edited December 2011
    Sounds great.  I used Glamsquad and loved the experience and convenience.  I had airbrush and liked it very much.  It definitely lasts longer.
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