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How etsy works

I have what may be a silly question about ordering invitations on Etsy. The price that is shown in the top right corner, is that just the price for the sample invitation or is it the price for the sample and the invitation if I was to order multiple ones? I see that price and then I see pricing on the bottom of the page.


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    I think it depends on the seller.

    The price in the corner for the ones I ordered was the price for one single complete invitations ($4)---that came with the invite itself, the response card and envelope, and the reception insert, and main envelope.

    Edit: The price was also for the sample. So, for $4 I got a sample invite, and when I ordered my invites---they applied the $4 to my order.
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    I used etsy for my save the dates and invites.  The seller was Serendipity Beyond Design.  The price listed was $30, but that was just the set up fee.  I couldn't be happier with them though...I did boarding passes for the save the dates...I've gotten tons of compliments.
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