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In Suite Brides - Staying/Night before


Are any of you/Did any of you plann on staying in your insuite the night before or just staying in the same hotel and moving themorning of the wedding?


Re: In Suite Brides - Staying/Night before

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    I just moved rooms. BUT. My wedding was later in the day (6pm), so there was more flexibility in my time frame before I needed the room set up. I think if it is possible try and have the room the night before, but if it's going to stretch the budget to much, moving rooms can be done :)
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    We got the suite for the night before the wedding as well.  Made things much less stressful for the wedding day, and we used it to host the M&G and "rehearsal" lunch as well, which saved us a bundle.  More than balanced out the higher cost of the room.
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    I am staying the night before and the night after.  I would worry too much about setting up the morning of if we didn't have it the night before.  And I have a feeling that the day will seem rushed as it is, so what I can do ahead of time will help with piece of mind.
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    Thanks ladies, these are some good options.  Totally didn't think about using the suite for the RH and M&G the day before.  Or we could get something on the same floor since our wedding isnt until 6:30.

    Next question, when did you actually have the food and cake delivered?  After the wedding was over or before the wedding started?
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    We are getting it the night before, but now that Stinker mentions here ceremony was at 6 and it can be done, switching rooms, it  makes me question the two nights.  However, I take long to get ready when I'm getting ready for something important, so I'm not sure I want to be majorly rushed, and I don't want to have to get up super early that day either.

    So now that I've just talked myself back into the two nights:)

    Not sure on when the cake will be delivered though, but I want to say Scott at MC said the food will probably be delivered at like 7:30, and our reception will start at 8:00.
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    We had the Vista suite for the night before and the night of our wedding.

    As far as food deliveries, the cake was delievered at like 2:00ish or whatever their latest delivery time on a Saturday was. My dad went down to the lobby to get it. The food was delivered right after our ceremony. 2 of our friends were asked to go straight to the room to let the delivery guy in after the ceremony. Our wedding was at 7:15pm. It all worked out fine.
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    We booked the vista Suite for the night before and the night of.  I don't like to be rushed, so that was the main reason but I am bringing someone in to do hair/make-up and will be using the suite for that.. and a cocktail reception after the wedding.  We will also be doing the M&G in our suite... so it is serving all sorts of purposes and saving us a bit of money too by having such a space!
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    We also booked the V suite for the night before and the night of.  I don't want to have to go back to the reception desk to check in while wearing my wedding dress haha!  I thought it would be a good option to get ready there as well. :)
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