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We're thinking about taking the kids with us. They will be 17, 15, and 5 at the time of the wedding. So, I'm scouring Vegas for alternate hotel options (current hotel is the Stratosphere). This search is terrible! FI and I don't REALLY want to sacrifice our hotel amenities, but at the same time, we need something ultra-kid friendly.

Really, I'd love to stay at Circus Circus - that way the girls have free roam if they want, but they can come back to the room without ever leaving the property. We would hire someone to be with the youngest. But the rooms there kind of suck.

Ideally, we're looking for someplace with a suite (king bed, jacuzzi tub, kitchen and living area) with an adjoining regular room with 2 beds. The only place I know of is the Hilton, and my calling around Vegas has left me with not much luck. Anyone know of a place similar?
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