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A bunch of random questions for LV brides!!

Hi everyone! So I have been reading alot of posts on the Las Vegas board trying to get ideas for my wedding and I have a few questions/need a few suggestions.... you guys seem to know a thing or two!

1. Right now we have caesars palace booked for our ceremony at 3pm and reception booked for 5pm.... is that enough time to take pictures? We really wanted to take pictures on the strip, especially by the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

2. I have been trying to figure out what to do after the dinner reception at Trevi. I see alot of people encorporated a double decker tour bus at some point- would it be a good idea to transport people somewhere after dinner- or is the tour itself the attraction?

3. I read that the tour bus minimum is 2 hours. Do those 2 hours have to be together- or could we, say, be dropped off at a location and use 1 hour and then be picked up a while later and use the other hour?

4. Sorry for all the questions. I probably will have many more as my wedding gets closer (october 2012), everything is pretty much still in the air besides the venue, reception, and photographer. i am very overwhelmed with everything and it seems like everyone elses weddings come together so nicely. there are just so many little details how does anyone do it??? ( i guess that was another question LOL)
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Re: A bunch of random questions for LV brides!!

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    The bus tour can't be split into two different hours unfortunately.

    Also, i'm only taking an hour to do pics because I don't want to do a first look and I don't want to be away from my guests for to long.
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    Let's say if your ceremony is at 3 and your reception is at 5, you're done with your ceremony and hopping in your limo with your weddig party around 3:30-- an hour and a half to get down to the LV sign from Caesar's, wait in line at the LV sign, take pictures, and get back to Caesar's (or somewhere north strip, Maggiano's or whathaveyou) might be cutting it a little close.  It's possible you could do that, but the LV sign would be the only place you'd have time to stop for pictures if you did it that way.

    Alternatively, if you were to stick to Caesar's ground and perhaps walk over next door to the Bellagio, you might be able to cover more ground with pictures in that 3:30-5 timeframe.  Hope this helps!
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    I think you are hopping in your limo closer to 3:45. Unless your ceremony is only 10 minutes, I'd give yourself more time in the schedule. Our ceremony was pretty basic but with well wishing and everything else we didn't get back into the sane room for formals until 5:30 and we didn't have to walk the length of a casino to get to a limo that may or may not be waiting for you. Also, will anyone from the WP want to stop at a bathroom or grab even water on the way out? I think often times Vegas wedding planning doesn't take into consideration the tune it takes to get from here to there within the hotel. I stayed in a pretty small hotel and it still took 10 minutes to get from our suite to the other lobby. Between waiting for the elevator, walking, accepting well wishes from strangers, it took time. I wasn't ready at 2 and doing first look at 2:01. You may not need all the padding in your schedule but you'll be glad it's there.
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