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How many of you had a rehersal? We are having 5 attendants on each side, and the rehersal is not included in the package.. I was just curious if you all though it was necessary or if we could do with out it? the WC seems to think its necessary, but i'm not sure of the add on price and i would hate to add it on if we don't really need it! Thanks

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    jccswljccswl member
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    We did the rehearsal thing b/c it was included w/our package. The whole process went so fast. We met our minister, went over where we'd stand, and a brief run down of the ceremony. It went like what I thought it would, so if you don't have an actually rehearsal, you're not missing a thing. We also had our own music. Our main concern was the timing of the songs, we wanted to make sure that the order was correct. Looking back, I wish I had told my BMs to walk slow and take their time b/c I wanted to walk down and meet my DH at the end of the song. You can view our ceremony in my profile to get a feel of what it will look like.
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    wallacjewallacje member
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    I'm still on the fence about the rehearsal. It's $300 for 30 minutes.  I too have 5 attendants and my mom thinks we can practice in the hall and 3 of the 5 have been in weddings before.  My WC said it didn't matter because she is there to coordinate when we start and go also. So I may pass on it because that is money that I can spend elsewhere, but haven't made my final decision yet, I have time though, the wedding date is 6/11/11. 

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    jkhoutzjkhoutz member
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    $10 a minute? Kind of crazy if you ask me! I almost got married there because it's beautiful and exactly what I was looking for but I couldn't deal with the cost. I think you can simulate a rehearsal in the hall or someplace else, especially since several have been in weddings before and should be old pros! Haha.
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    Unless it's part of your package, I would skip it and not pay extra. You have to arrive to your waiting area about 30 mintes ahead of time anyway and your WC and the minister will go over things then.  As long as you know the order of the processional and how your bridal party is matched up, you'll be fine.

    Of course your WC thinks it's necessary, that's mo money, mo money, mo money! LOL
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