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Invitations for Vegas Wedding and AHR

Just wondering how people worded their invites for the Vegas ceremony/wedding and the AHR?  Did you send out separate invites to the people who you know WOULD come to Vegas and the other ones to the people who you thought probably wouldn't come for the AHR?  I'm just trying to figure out if I should send out one set or word them both differently??  HELP!!

p.s.  any ideas on invite wording??

Re: Invitations for Vegas Wedding and AHR

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    Im also doing Vegas and I sent invitations for everyone
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    Here's how we worded our invites:
    Along with our families,
    We invite you to join in the celebration of our marriage
    Wednesday, the twenty-fourth of March, two thousand ten
    Three o’clock in the afternoon at Valley of the Falls
    In-Suite Reception at six o’clock in the evening
    Mandalay Bay Resort - Las Vegas, Nevada
    Hometown celebrations will be held during summer
    Please visit for details

    Since we sent them to everyone (170+), when we have AHRs (informal!!!), we are probably going to use
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    We've explicitly limited the Vegas wedding to family and WP only.  We'll be sending out separate AHR invitations to everyone, including those invited to Vegas.  (However, this is mainly a courtesy since most of the Vegas guests aren't local to us.)
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