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FYI-price adjustment Harrahs buffets

I guess the all-you-can-eat all day buffets @ the 7 Harrahs properties are a success. I just noticed this on the Caesar's Palace page.

"Our introductory test of the Buffet of Buffets pass is a big hit - everyone loves the concept! Problem is, we've been so busy that guests have spent too much time in line. In order to maintain the level of service Caesars guests expect, we've adjusted the price of the 24-hour pass. It's now $34.99 for Total Rewards mem...bers and companions under 21, $39.99 for the general public."

Re: FYI-price adjustment Harrahs buffets

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     I wonder how long they will run this special. I would love to buy one all day buffet for all my guest.
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    shaq123- I think as long as it's a big hit with people, they'll keep it going. Also, Vegas is hurting b/c of the economy, so this deal helps the hotels.
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    This is still a great deal for 24 hour all access. I can't find a place online to apply for the total rewards membership.

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    You have to actually visit one of the Harrah's properties to apply for the Total Rewards program...but you can do it at any Harrah's property not just the one's in Vegas.
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    The lines wouldn't be so long if they had better implementation.  We got ours at the Flamingo and the girl had to ring us up, separate the passes, scan them both in to activate them, then put them on our wrists, with a lot of moving of the mouse in between.  The whole transaction took about 3 minutes, which doesn't seem like much until you consider that they can only perform about 20-30 transactions per hour.

    it's a good deal, but they really need to streamline the distribution of the passes a bit.  Perhaps if you had to buy the passes someplace else, like maybe the concierge desk or even a separately created booth, it wouldn't cause quite as much impact in the regular lines.
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