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Cake a a favor?

would it be weird to have the wedding cake as the wedding favor? I figured we could just have the cake boxed and ready to go for people to grab as they are leaving. Considering wicked spoon will have so many dessert options, I don't want the cake to go to waste...but then I'm thinkingnwhat if people don't go straight back to the hotel, would it go to waste? What do you think?

Re: Cake a a favor?

  • i plan on using the cake as a favor :)
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    I've been to weddings like this. They put a piece of cake or a cupcake in a cute box and set them near the door for everyone to take home. Since everyone will be eating desserts at the buffet, they can just tuck the cake box in their purse and enjoy it later or the next day.

    Gifts as a favor is a relatively new thing (thank you, wedding industry). Every wedding I went to as a kid just had some mints and M&M at each place setting, and sometimes they told people to go ahead and take the centerpieces home if they weren't rented. I think cake as a favor is perfectly fine.
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  • I think that would be okay if your cake is not the type that has to be refridgerted; a lot of vegas rooms don't have fridges.

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  • I think that would be cute. I've seen the miniature versions of a two tier wedding cake that I just loved and thought of doing as well as favors.

  • We are doing cupcakes so I like the idea of cake!
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  • dont forget napkin and fork :)
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