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Nevada-Las Vegas

Favorite Vegas Show

What is your favorite show in Vegas? FI and I wanted to see Cirqu de Solei "O" but it is so expensive! I know they all are pretty pricey, but I just wanted to get some new ideas.


Re: Favorite Vegas Show

  • case420case420 member
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    We saw Terry Fator at the Mirage and it was very funny. We are going with a group on vacation in 3 weeks and we might go again for who didn't see it.
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    My favorite is Jersey Boys and I've seen four of the Cirque shows, bunch of other random ones, etc.  You don't have to be from the generation of Frankie Valli to appreciate the show, it's great whether you grew up with that music or you're 20 years behind it like me.  Does have some adult situations and lots of adult language so not a good option for the youngin's.

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    all the cirque shows are AWESOME!!!

    If you're looking for a variety show, check out "V" - it's nothing fancy. I think it was only 45 mins long, but you get a glimpse of everything. There's also a pet comedy show, very cute, again it's about 45 mins long. Penn and Teller was cool, but it's off the strip at Rio.
  • ddchhichiddchhichi member
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    There's 25% off O - http://smartervegas.com/shows/o_by_cirque_du_soleil/ticketsdiscounts.aspx. Expires soon though.

    I watched O, Lion King and Blue ManGroup  in my vegas trip.  I liked Blue Man Group a lot!! 
  • pebbs_17pebbs_17 member
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    LOVE is awesome!
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    Smokey Robinson's Human Nature at Imperial Palace. A great show!
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    I'm a local and in entertainment industry and I can recommend David Copperfield, Penn & Teller, Blue Man Group, Beatles LOVE, and V - The Ultimate Variety Show just to name a few. Another great show is Mac King, who has an afternoon comedy magic show at Harrah's. He's headlined in Vegas for over 10 years now, and tickets are only around $20. He's hilarious and highly respected in our industry. Another good tip is to check out the Tix 4 Tonight booth on the Strip for discounted show tickets. You can get them up to half off, and you can even get a sneak peak of what tickets are on sale for the next day on their website. Here's a link:
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    Here's a link for summer deals on cirque shows (not all of them are available):


    We've seen Ka and Love and both were great.  Also loved (myself and my fiance) Peepshow at Planet Hollywood and Phantom at Venetian. 
  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    KA blew my mind.  The other shows I've seen in Vegas were Phantom and Zumanity, which were also a lot of fun.  So far we've always sprung for the best seats for shows, though, and it's definitely been worth it.  For Phantom, the chandelier dropped straight on our heads!  It was awesome.
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  • MNVegasMNVegas member
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    We saw Beatles Love and we all thought it was great!
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    I've only seen small shows:

    Carrot Top (i'm a fan of foolishness) was tons of silly fun!

    Second City was fun (improv group)

    George Wallace was HYSTERICAL!!
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    KA at the mgm. If you're looking for a cirque show, go to the official cirque du soleil website, they usually have summer offers for the vegas shows, we bought two seats in section 1 to see KA at only 50 dollars per ticket!
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  • 11Vegas711Vegas7 member
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    I LOVE bite...but it totally depends on what you are into.  I have seen it twice and loved it both times....rock n' roll, acrobatics, topless dancing....tons of fun---the story line isn't that great but it is a good time (oh, and tickets are only 50 bucks)

    I also saw Ka....It was good but honestly I was more entertained by BITE then Ka and it was WAAAY cheaper.....but like I said depends on what kind of entertainment you are looking for!
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    My all time favorite Vegas show is Stomp which played at Planet Hollywood. It isn't there anymore but if it ever comes back, I would go see it again! It was great!

    I hear good things about O so we bought tickets for that show for the day after the wedding.

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    O is the gold standard and its breathtaking.  Ka is entertaining as well.

    Mystre is fun and they inter act with the audience.

    Can't wait to see LOVE!!!  Definately check out the discounts as they can save you  ton of $$

    Blue Man Group is lots of fun, but bring earplugs - last time I went my ears were ringing for at least a day afterwards - its LOUD!

    Bite is a a fun, rock n Roll, vampire time.  Chessy storyline, but the drinks & music were fun & the girls pretty, so for $50 it was a decent night out. LOL

    Oh and if you get to see the Lion King - its spectacular!

    The only show I reccomend against is LaReve at the Wynn (dont know if its still playing)...I had great seats and was so disappointed by the show / lack of orginality (1/2 empty theatre - now I know why!).  Really disappointed.

    hope this helps!

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    I do have to agree with red1115 on the Lion King!! That was a great show! I was surprised it was so good!
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    If you are up for something more "adult" I would highly recommend Peepshow at Planet Hollywood.  We saw it on our last night in Vegas - 3rd row center - DH was very thankful :)  It stars Holly Madison in a kind of adult fairy tale but it is basically muscial numbers with some topless action.  They have some really talented singers and dancers.  I really enjoyed it.
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