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Hair and Makeup Advice

I need advice on who to go to for my hair and makeup. I have found three places and wanted to see if anyone has ever used or has heard anything about any of them.
Harmony Medina
Steeve Danielle
Perfect Hair and Makeup

Re: Hair and Makeup Advice

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    I will be using Harmony based on frequent positive reviews she has had on this board. Others that have been recommended are francesca lombardo and glamsquad.
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    I contacted Harmony Medina based on some of the raves she's received from these boards.  As reference, she priced out hair and makeup for $130 and $100 for both our mothers.  She's also planning to meet us at the suite (at Mandalay.)  

    If anyone knows anything (esp costing) for Francesca or Glamsquad, please post.  I'd love to know how the costs compare!
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    Sorry - I meant to say $100 for each mom (not $100 for both moms!)
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    I booked Harmony, who is generally less expensive than other Hair/MUAs that will come to your suite.

    There's also Lori White and Amelia C.
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    I also booked Harmony, she has been great to work with so far! She has great reviews on here too!
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    I emailed Harmony (and a few others) 2 weeks ago and she never got back to me.  Her prices were definetly the cheapest I found.  I also emailed Glam Squad and they got back to me within a day. I have received excellent customer service from Elise at Glam Squad.  She always got back to me within 24 hours and was very patient with all of my questions, requests and emails (and there were many!).  They charge $160 for hair and airbrush makeup (plus another $25 for false custom lashes) or just $95 for hair.  In the end I booked with them because their superior customer service was worth a few extra dollars! 
    Good luck with your search!
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    I'm also a Harmony bride!  I love her work, and her prices are great!
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I think I will try Harmony with all of the positive feedback on her. Glam squad will be my runner up!
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