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Wedding Reviews 10/20/12 - Part 3 (long)

Postrio – We had an amazing reception. The second most important part of our wedding day (to us) was great food and beverages for our guests. We had appetizers and cocktail hour and 2 course lunch service. We also had a 3 hour open bar. Since pricing was important to us when selecting venues, I will include our breakdown. We had the larger banquet room w/ cocktail area and small bar reserved from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Per person, we paid $35 per person for food (app, soup, entrée) and  $41 per person for alcohol (open bar w/ call liquor brands, beer, and wine). Our food and beverage minimum was $3000. We didn’t want to have the standard introduction, first dance, food, bouquet toss, cake cutting, good night. We wanted everyone to be relaxed and enjoy themselves with no list of things to do. We rode the shuttles from the Flamingo to the Venetian with our guests. When we approached the hostess stand, our banquet manager (Randy – super nice!) met us and took my arm to walk me to the private room. They were nice enough to  let us come set up the reception area with table numbers, cupcake stands, favors, guest book, and take away boxes for leftover cupcakes on Friday afternoon (the day before). Everything looked great when we walked in the day of. They immediately began passing the appetizer pizzas. The bar was open and ready to take orders. After a while they started asking guests to be seated as they were going to start with the lunch service. After some toasts, they started with our first course soup. I have an allergy to cows milk, so they also prepared a special appetizer and soup for me. I didn’t ask this of them, so I thought that was very sweet. Everyone got to pick from 2 entrees that we previously selected (salmon or steak) and everyone was pleased. Both meals got rave reviews from our guests. We had been last September to sample their food, and we enjoyed everything we tried. Leah is the person who we booked and set everything up with. She always responded to emails promptly. She had no problem giving us an exact price breakdown when we requested and clarified anything we needed to know. The room was gorgeous and everyone was relaxed and having a great time. I was nervous that people were going to be bored without dancing, but it really gave people a chance to mix and mingle and I think they enjoyed that. Overall, I was thrilled with Postrio. They were so polite to everyone and they really made an extra effort to make me feel like a special person.

Retro Bakery – I booked retro because we had done a taste test with them last fall. Every flavor that we tried was delicious. Ordering over the phone was very easy, and I paid everything in advance. I also paid a $50 delivery fee so they would bring the cupcakes into to restaurant and set up on cupcake stands that we provided. The cupcakes were in place when we got there and they were delicious. We ordered 4 dozen each of Chocolate Fountain, Coffee and Donuts, and Pink Lemonade. I also ordered 6 vegan friendly cupcakes for myself. Delicious, pretty, and on time.

Bell Trans – As I mentioned earlier, total rewards booked the shuttles through Bell Trans, but I am not rating bell trans for that experience because I think total rewards dropped the ball on that one. I booked a limo for 2 hours after the reception to take myself, husband, and photographers around for pictures. The limo was there right on time, with my name typed on an ipad. I think our driver’s name was Lawrence. He did a great job following us around when we got out and seemed to have a good grasp on where the locations were that the photographers tried to take us to. They had water and soft drinks iced down for us. Bell trans was excellent to use for the limo service.
Mike L Photography – Ok seriously? I love these guys. Super down to earth, super easy to work with. Photography was the most important aspect of our wedding to us. Before we booked anything else wedding related, we booked Mike L. Courtney is always quick to respond and clarify anything. Their prices are amazing. I know there are cheaper photographers out there, but Mike and Courtney are worth every penny. They had all the fancy cameras, lenses, and big lighting equipment. The quality of their work is amazing. Their editing is awesome, not just the standard run of the mill photoshop stuff that most anyone can do. They walked in and started shooting. They got all the detail shots, candids, family formals, and pictures just messing around. We gave them the reins and let them pick the shoot locations. They kept us on time and organized throughout the day. They cracked jokes and were easy to vent to during stressful parts of the day. If you haven’t booked a photographer, you really need to consider them. I loved them! Here is a link to their blog with some of our pictures: http://www.mikelphotos.com/flamingo-postrio-wedding

I think that is it for wedding related vendors. Hope this helps everyone and if you guys have any questions, I will try my best to answer them.

Re: Wedding Reviews 10/20/12 - Part 3 (long)

  • Thanks for the awesome reviews. Do we get pics sometime soon? Sounds like a great time was had by everyone!
    And they lived happily ever after... February 16, 2013 Chapel of the Flowers Stardust Suite at The Orleans
  • I love your pics.... SOOO UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL....

    Thanks for the reviews.... soo detailed and informative.. thanks

    Sooo happy for you guys
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  • I read all three parts of your reviews. Thank you so much for posting them and yes I wish I have the budget to hire Mike L. Congratulations again!
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  • Oh Yay!!!!  What great reviews and it looks and sound like you had a wonderful wedding day!  Mike L was the first thing I booked too and I'm so excited to work with them in March!

    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing your reviews!! :)
  • OMG, I LOVE your pics. Seriously amazing and you look gorgeous and how cute is your big flower?! Did you make it yourself? Would you mind PMing me the email for Leah at Postrio? We are still looking for a venue for our reception and it sounds fantastic and reasonably priced! Thank you and congrats!!!
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  • SarahInVegas, yes I made the flowers! There was a template on Martha Stewart for it. I sent you a PM with Leah's email.
  • The cupcakes from Retro Bakery were they regular size or the mini cupcakes? You looked beautiful and congratulations!!
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  • We ordered mini cupcakes in chocolate fountain, coffee and donuts, and pink lemonade for everyone. I also ordered 6 vegan cupcakes and they only come in standard size.
  • LOVE your pictures!  You guys looked amazing! Congratulations and thank you for the detailed reviews! 
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