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Time between Ceremony & Maggiano's for guests

Hi Everyone!

I am getting married in November at Caesars (Venus Garden) & having my reception at Maggianos.

I have a few questions that I am hoping I can get some help from you with! We are having a strip photo tour with Todd for 2 hours. It will probably only be us & parents who will accompany us on this. I am not sure what to suggest to our guests that they do in the two hours between our ceremony & reception. We are all travelling from the UK & the majority of our guests have never been to Vegas, so I don't want to just ditch them all for two hours while we dissapear to have our piccies taken!

Can anyone suggest a bar or nice area for our guests to gather & have a drink together that is located between Caesars & Maggianos? Do you know of any areas in Caesars that would be nice for them to stay at for the two hours? I was reading about a pool side bar - Raos - is this any good?

We have a mixture of ages going, so I don't really want a young & trendy place as the older guests may not enjoy this! The time period would be in the afternoon from about 3.30pm - 5.30pm & there will be about 20 people who I need to figure out what to do with while we are out with Todd!

Any advice or tips you can give would be great, we're not going to get a chance to scout out places before the wedding, so I'm a bit stuck about what to do with them!

Thank you so much!

Re: Time between Ceremony & Maggiano's for guests

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    I'm UK based too and never been to Vegas so not suggestions for your plan.
    And this might not suit but, if you're getting married near the start of people's trip, could you let them come with you so they get to see the strip - by hiring the party bus?  Then you have them close by if you do decide to have them in a few pictures.
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    Sloane99Sloane99 member
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    You could put them on a strip tour those usually take about 2 hours, would give them a chance to see the sights? I think the FAQ sticky has a link to reputable sources for this - or like PP suggested, get a party bus and take the party with you. Maybe you can just provide a list of suggestions/"things to do" rather than an actual scheduled event.

    We are taking some time just the two of us to go off for a bit between the ceremony and reception and we will also have pictures afterwards. I figured that everyone may just want to do their own thing. There really isn't a lack of stuff to do in Vegas, I'm sure some people will hit the hotel bars for a few drinks, I know some will probably go back to the room to freshen up, some may gamble for a bit.
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    The Party Bus is a great idea and gives your guests a way to continue the celebration with you.

    If you still want to reccomend a bar - contact the banquet captain & Maggiano's (they have a very nice bar at the restaurant) or there's a Spanish Tapa's bar on the floor right below Maggiano's in the same building.

    There's also the Wynn Resort across the street...

    We're still narrowing down our reception location for Vegas in December - but I'm really leaning towards Maggiano's - their banquet staff has been so wonderful everytime I've spoken with them!Smile
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    I looked into a double decker bus. Just google it. You could do the strip tour and make stops with your guests.  They also allow drinking.  They will pick up what u want and have it ready...ex champagne. they just charge for the champagne and a very minimal fee to pick it up for you.  Or you can go buy it and drop it off with them before hand.  I think it was around 400$.
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    tigerlily25tigerlily25 member
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    I am having my Reception at Maggiano's as well, and there will be 2 hours between our ceremony and reception. I am not worried about entertaining my guests, however. There is so much to do on the strip the guests may want that time to elpore the sites!
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