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Welcome Dinner and Tour???

First off, I'm very appreciative of this board, because without reading all your reviews/suggestions, I wouldn't have known where to start. 

I need opinions on a couple of things.

Welcome dinner??-  Good places that are very reasonable for probably about 30 people. 

Also, has anyone taken their guest on a tour, like a double decker tour??  My FI's parents have never been and I want to make sure everyone can see some cool stuff since I'll most likely (still deciding) be staying at MBay. 

Would love some ideas.

Re: Welcome Dinner and Tour???

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    We are doing a double decker bus tour the night of our wedding. We thought it'd be a fun way for everyone to see the strip, freemont, and the LV sign. And the prices are reasonale for a DDB.

    We're not having a welcome dinner so I can't help you there. :( BUT if it was in the budget I totally would do what a previous knottie did and have a pizza and bowling party at the orleans. It was really affordable and all the guests got tot bowl, the orleans provided pizza and drinks as well.  When I looked into it, it was 350-400 for 30 people. It would be so fun!
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    we're hosting a Welcome Dinner at Le Burger Brasserie in the Paris.  it will be pretty low key - burgers and beer on Friday night.  i thought the laid back, bar food was a good idea, since we're doing the bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday...i think the majority of us might be hungover on Friday :)

    Le BUrger BRasserie has a very reasonable set menu - with apps, burgers, dessert, and 2 hours of an open bar (beer and liquor) its only $42 per person.  we also picked the place based on location.  the vast majority of our guests are staying at Flamingo, Bellagio, or Caesars.
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