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Ms. America pageant vs. my wedding!-Hotel help

I guess I didn't look hard enough because the Ms. America pageant is the same day of my wedding at the same hotel I was planning on staying, Planet Hollywood. Due to this little detail I haven't been able to book a suite there since they are all blocked.

My plan was to stay mid-strip (for the view of the fountains) and blocking rooms at lower-priced adjacent properties for my guests in order to give them options. I don't want to stay at PH anymore and don't have a clue where to move the block to. Any suggestions?

We were planning on staying in a regular room the first 2 nights then moving to a suite for the night before and night of the wedding, we had blocks at PH and Paris.

What to do......

Can you guys suggest any other hotels (hopefully with a view) if they don't have a view a nice property will suffice... 

Re: Ms. America pageant vs. my wedding!-Hotel help

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