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Shipping items ahead?

Hey guys,
I just realized that I'm going to have a ton of stuff to ship ahead to Vegas, there is no way I can pack everything and fly it with me.  Has anyone done this before?  How well did it work with your hotel (I know when I've traveled for business I always just marked packages "hold for so & so...." and I'm assuming that this would still be ok to do, even with multiple packages. 

I will be shipping things like our welcome bags for our guests, the bouquets/boutineers, ceremony decor (which will only be mason jars and candles) and any other misc items that come up between now and then.  All in all it will be quite a few packages

I also considered going ahead and shipping our luggage ahead as well, seeing as how we can do that cheaper than paying the airlines to check a bag (and we get a discount with FedEx since FI works for them)

Any comments/suggestions/input on this??
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Re: Shipping items ahead?

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    Many people do that however keep in mind that many resort hotels will charge you an obnoxiously high fee to receive packages, so you may want to ship it somewhere else if possible.  Mandalay charges something like $20 to receive a package for example.

    Some arrange delivery and storage with a local UPS store, but they might charge you more if you're shipping in via fedex. :-)

    Do you have any third party vendors you're using in Vegas?  You might be able to work something favorable out with them to ship things to their office and pick up there.

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    To be honest, I would not ship a ton of boxes to a resort-- I work at a hotel and many times boxes get misplaced or they refuse the delivery because the Front Desk does not recognize the guest name, etc... With a large resort, it could go either way. Either they have a great system, or it could get lost in the shuffle. Southwest airlines has 2 free bags per person, which would maybe help you..

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    I am getting married this week at the JW Marriott Resort. I have had a great wedding coordinator that told me she wouldn't charge to receive boxes and I could send them addressed to her and she would definitely get them. I have sent a total of 8 packages (some I sent, some things I ordered and sent directly there) and they have all been received and she is personally keeping them in her office. I even asked her to check some of the personalized things I ordered to make sure they were right and she did (even took pics of some stuff so I could see it!). I am so lucky to have a great resort that let me do that! Just check with the hotel you pick for fees...I have heard some charging $25 per box!

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    I can't say I know of a 100% fullproof way.  Shipping to a hotel sounds risky and could cost you a bundle.  We hired a DOC partially to deal with this, but even then packages were "lost".  If you're not interested in a DOC at all, I would take them with me on the plane.  The UPS thing sounds like a pain to coordinate and pick up... How many boxes will you have?
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