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Those that had or are having a in-suite reception at the Madalay- Vista suite

I booked the vista suite for our reception and on our confirmation that was emailed to me it states if you are using the room for a meeting or entertaining you must book throught the concierge.

Did anyone use the concierge? I don't want to go there on out wedding day and have them tell me that there is no room available or give me a hassel like they have to some other brides on this board... We are catering inn so I'm kinda freaking out on what to do?

Do I call the concierge and lie about the catering in or just leave it as is and hope for the best?

Re: Those that had or are having a in-suite reception at the Madalay- Vista suite

  • I'm not a Vista bride, but I can provide some input based upon what people have posted on this board over the past year or so.  First, are you getting married at Mandalay Bay as well?  If so, I would ask your wedding coordinator to have Reservations make a note in your booking that you are there for a wedding.  This seems to reduce the risk of your Suite being given away.  There used to be a problem with MB overbooking their Vista Suites and moving brides to other room when they checked in.  However, I haven't heard any complain about this in a long while so perhaps it is no longer an issue there.

    Personally, if I were sneaking in catering for my reception, I would not call the conceirge.  You would be tipping them off to the fact that you are having an "event" in your Suite.  I hope some recent Vista brides will elaborate on their experiences.   
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    No we were not getting married at Mandalay Bay....We are getting married at the Grove.
  • I wouldn't say anything in that case; they'll just think you're staying in it as a guest.  I haven't heard about them causing issues lately; do you have it booked for two nights though?  That usually means much lower chance of encountering an issue, plus makes it far easier to set up since you don't have to scramble at 4pm when they finally let you into it.

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  • I was a Vista bride and I didn't say a word about anything. I had tons of vendors in there. We had it for 2 nights.
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