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Chapel of Flowers-Vista & DD Bus NEED OPINIONS PLEASE :)

So we have booked Chapel of Flowers for 5pm (they say to expect to be out of there by 6:25). Then booked the double decker bus from 6-8 with stops at the Vegas sign, Bellagio, etc for photos. Our reception is in-suite at Madalay Bay's Vista room.
Here is my question:
some guests have expressed concern (it feels like everyone has an opinion on something) that the bus will be too hot (bus is open/ no AC). Also that there is no ride provided to the wedding. Some also think guests will be "bored" while we take photos along the strip.I should mention that the wedding is July 2nd so yes it will be hot, but we thought people would appreciate at least a ride of some sort (with booze and music!). We did not expect all of the negativity, and I wondering if anyone has any ideas. We expect 80 guests so a party bus (we would need at least 4) is out of budget. Any help is appreciated- and opinions. Am I being unreasonable by only providing transportation one way?! I'm feeling so stressed out and just want our wedding to be fun but I feel like everyone keeps saying negative things about our plans!
Thanks girls!
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Re: Chapel of Flowers-Vista & DD Bus NEED OPINIONS PLEASE :)

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    WIll some or most of your guests be driving their own vehicles to COF?  If that's the case, I'd be concerned about how to get them back to COF after the reception to pick up cars.  Especially if they've spent time drinking during the bus tour and the reception.  This might be one explanation for some of the negativity.

    My FI and I are getting married in March at COF.  Our ceremony is at 7 and many guests will be driving their own cars to the chapel.  To help solve this issue, we decided to have everyone meet at the suite for a reception immediately following the ceremony.  We have a bus that will  pick us up at the suite around 10:30 for a 3 hour srip tour with a few quick pictures at the Las Vegas sign and the Bellagio Fountains.  That way the bus can drop guests off at their hotels at the end of the night to avoid them having to drive or pay for a cab.

    Thankfully, our guests have been exited about this schedule.   We also have a smaller group of around 30.  It may be easier to keep 30 people entertained while we take a few quick pictures. 
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    One way transport in vegas kind of sucks.  That means they have to cab it one way and that can get pricey depending on traffic or the bus needs to take them back (assuming they have cars; if they don't have cars, then that is 1/2 free transport, which is actually nice.  Unless you drop back off at COF then I have to cab both ways and now I'm crabby again).

    Also, are all 80 of your guests partaking in the picture taking?  I would be annoyed if I was on a bus and it kept stopping for a group to get off and go take pictures (let's assume that you stop at 4 places and take 15 minutes per stop (to get off, walk to location, wrangle wedding party, take a few selects, wrangle party again and get back on the bus and then bus gets back into traffic (remember it's got to pull in somewhere to let you off) that is ONE HOUR where I am sitting on an idling bus waiting.  Even if you take only 10 minutes, that's 40 minutes of sitting and just waiting.  I suppose there is AC on the lower level of the bus but the top will probably be hot at 6 in July in Vegas as the sun will still be out.  Also, what if all 80 people get off to ooh and aah at something?  That stop turns into 20 minutes or more, easily.

    Plus now I have to cab BACK to get my car if I drove it in the first place?

    Can't you have everyone meet back at the Mandalay and those that want to go can go and those that don't can start on a cocktail hour or something?  Plus when does everyone get to eat?  Please don't expect 80 people to endure that bus ride, the heat, AND not be able to eat between 5 and 8.  I would turn into either superbitch or super drunk.  Either way, nobody is winning.

    Now with more wedded bliss.

    I don't get married often, but when I do, I do it in Las Vegas.


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    erinkay81erinkay81 member
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    Thanks for the input. Not many will have cars so I was thinking one way transport would at least help with some of the cost. I do like the idea of a later bus ride though. Maybe we flip flop the reception right after the ceremony then do the bus tour later. The problem still arises though that I am making people pay for 2 cabs to and from ceremony back to hotels... I was trying to save us money by doing the chapel and am now worried people will be ticked that they have to pay to get there. UGH. We don't have a wedding party and had thought two stops (Bellagio and LV sign) would be it for really quick photos. But I get your point about being bored. We are working on such a strict budget and I didn't imagine this to be so difficult!
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    Honestly I think the negativity is crappy! If you were getting married at home would you be responsible for the guests transport worries? I think it is lovely that you are putting on the bus is an added etxra for the guests!

    The only thing I would be concerned about as a guest would be the weather and lack of air con! July will be pretty hot. It might be better to push it back and have it after the sun goes the lights will all lit up etc.
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    GribblesGribbles member
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    I think people are rude being negative as well, but I guess they might think that if they are travelling all the way to vegas then the least you could do is provide full transport for the whole day.

    We have hired a 45-seater party bus and have just reluctantly had to add on an extra hour (another $500!) because we didn't allow quite enough time for the pick-ups to get them to COF, so I feel your pain.

    Could you organise the DDB to have a couple of pick up points before the ceremony and then get back on the bus afterwards?

    What month are you getting married? If it is summer I think the DDB might be a bit hot, even in the evening.

    Unfortunately I can't think of any alternatives that would hold 80 people, except maybe to explore a local coach hire option?

    Re getting bored on the bus -- I am concerned about this too. We will have alcohol and music and music videos playing, but the getting on and off might be a bit much. However we have forwarned everyone what time they can expect dinner (9pm) - and if I hear anyone whinging I will be peeved!
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    Why don't you use the double decker bus as transportation to and from the ceremony for your guests?
    I originally booked with COF but changed because 1) the location (I am not 100% comfortable with that side of the strip) and 2) the transportation issue.  We were going 2 get 2 party buses from Presidential in addition to the limos from COF, but yes the cost and efficiency were not so great with that plan.  We chaged to a chapel on the strip (caesars) and it's going to be much easier now.  With that many guests I would be concerned about transportation, and would wonder if some would even be tempted to skip the ceremony and save the hassle/cost of going.
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    I agree  that you are not responsible to get guests from A to B.
    i think its a fantastic idea and gives everyone the opportunity to see the strip differently there will be music and booze and people chatting what more could people want.
    i am biased as im doing the dd bus aswell and i think its a fun element to the day, i am doing it for the reason that i am also having an insuite reception so i think it s a good idea to break up the day!
    i personally think that no-one should have an opinion as its your wedding and you should do what you want. your never going to please everyone.
    P.S it may be hot but its open top so they will be a breeze when your moving?
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    MizLynnMizLynn member
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    Just my $0.02: 

    I think it depends on what time your tour will happen. The thing about Vegas in summer is that it's not the heat that makes things uncomfortable, it's the glaring sun. 

    That said, I think the bus should be fine near sundown. The temp drops and it's quite pleasant out. So if that's a factor, I hope that little tidbit helps. 

    As for the stops and etc, I don't know. As a guest, I could see that being a bit much, especially if I've already been in Vegas long enough to see a lot of those sights myself before the wedding. I think it depends on your crowd. If you think they'll be cool as long as the music is good and the drinks are flowing then go for it. I would say that it might be worth looking into a shuttle bus and maybe just shipping your guests there and back. You might be able to fit that into your budget instead of the DD bus, not sure on the prices though, so take this with a pinch of salt.

    Ultimately, don't let people get you down. I think you're being nice providing transportation at all...I'm making my guests walk from the ceremony site to the reception so I guess I'm a meanie! lol

    Keep your head up, lady!
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