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Nevada-Las Vegas

Keith Kaplan-Photographer

I am.using Keith for our photos from 1-4pm on Apr 12.If anyone uses him for their photos how many locations were you able to go to in that time frame. We are hoping to go to the fountains, effiel tower @Paris on front of c palace, and Vegas sign . All suggestions welcomed! Thanks.

Re: Keith Kaplan-Photographer

  • We are using Keith Kaplan as well...I will be interested to see any suggestions!  Our wedding is December 29th so I can update you after that!
  • OK. great I will appreciate that very much. R u all doing a strip photo tour? I'd so where are you all going?
  • we are doing first look/getting ready at the Platinum Suites, family pictures and then a strip tour.  I am thinking Bellagio, Las Vegas Sign, Mandalay Bay (it's where I said I love you for the first time), and wherever else he might bring up...I am pretty open for whatever he thinks is best and based on timing...
  • I am the same way about pic locations.... I figure the photog will know places that not everybody uses... her photos are amazing so I totally trust her judgement.. when we go out for a scouting tour I think we will meet with her and get more info.
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  • We were just married in Vegas on April 3, 2013. I did my research beforehand, price-shopping online, and decided to go with Keith Kaplan - KK Photography.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Folks sometimes don't realize how important it is to get it right and to capture those moments on camera.  Keith is AMAZING! First of all, he is very personable which makes it way easier to relax and pose for the photos.  He LOVES his job.  How do I know this?  Because he makes sure he gets the right shots and let's us call all the shots.  He will do whatever shots you want.  He also GUIDES the bride and groom in their pre-wedding shots.  This was the first time I had professional photos taken so I felt awkward at first.  Not for long.  He has some amazing ideas to sex it up and make the bride and groom look like models or celebrities in vogue. I asked for the photo strip tour portion to be shortened to 1 hour because I didn't want to be away from my guests too long.  No problem.  He zips you down to the strip.  And Voila.   Want to feel beautiful on the best day of your life?  Get Keith.  I can't decide on my favourite photos.  One person commented on a photo that the backdrop was so perfect it looked photo-shopped!! Everybody has commented on how amazing these photos are.  The best day of my life has been captured so beautifully that I keep looking at the photos over and over again.  Keith hits a perfect mark in my review because he's that great.  Imagine going to work everyday and being able to get excited about your work every few minutes with killer shots.  That's what Keith does.  Sometimes he nearly jumps with excitement.  WOW.  And.  To make it absolutely shocking and mouth-dropping, he gives you the BEST deal in Vegas price-wise AND ownership of the copyrights!! ....Keith I hope you read this to know your worth.... I'm already thinking ahead to renewal photos down the road.  You have found your calling....
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