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Also Contacted By MB Chapel Director

Hello MB Brides,

I forwarded some of the posts from here to my wedding cord. at MB to express some concerns i was having with all the bad reviews they have been getting lately. My WC then forwarded my email to the director of TheWedding Chapel; Ada Casanova. She called me and we spoke for about 1/2 hour about all the recent issues, and she made it very clear they are going to do everything in there power to make sure these things do not happen anymore. She also emailed me something similar to  hstaples4 email. After speaking with Ada i feel very confident with my choice of the Vista Suite for an InSuite and TheWedding Chapel for my ceremony. 
I hope that future MB Brides will have some of there concerns put to ease with reading this....
She also made it clear that she would love to be contacted By MB Brides and Brides not using MB services with any questions or concerns you may have. Here is her Info:
Ada Casanova, Director of TheWedding Chapel
Phone: 702-632-7491

Re: Also Contacted By MB Chapel Director

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