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Hey Mrs!!!!

I was just wondering how the reception at Studio B went? Any problems/things to look out for?

Also how was the cake from Babycakes?

How is married life???? You looked beautiful! What happened to dad as Elvis???



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    Thanks!  Married life is freaking awesome!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been on in forever!  We are moving and I'm trying to get everything together.  Studio B was nice!  Food was awesome!  No one made it all the way through the buffet.  We actually missed one whole side Lol  My parents had no problem paying at all and they let them skip the line you had to wait in to pay with the email "VIP pass" we had.  Everyone was super nice to us and they actually include the tip right in your bill so, we didn't even have to mess with that.  Two of the people didn't show up for dinner and my parents had already paid for them.  They couldn't refund our money, but it was their idea for us to just go sell the pass to someone in line.  We did for $10 less than we paid with no problem at all.  I thought it was really cool that they let us do that and even cooler that it was their idea:) 

    The only down side to Studio B is that it's no where near the strip.  We ended up having a limo take everyone to dinner and back from dinner.  It's not a place where you can just catch a cab home.  They aren't waiting out front like you would find on the strip and I'm sure it would be a pretty pricey cab ride.  I think the drive there from the Flamingo was about 20min.

    We ended up not having a cake do to budget so I don't have any info on BabyCakes:(

    Once we switched our reception to the Flamingo we had to forget the Elvis idea.  Too bad, it would have been super funny!

    Good luck!
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