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Marriage Licesnse/Certificate Question

So i can apply for my marriage license online 60 days before the wedding.  Then have to go to the court house in Las Vegas.  When we get married we sign that then they turn it into the courthouse.  Just wondering is there anything i have to do in Minnesota when we get back to make it legal??
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Re: Marriage Licesnse/Certificate Question

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    edited December 2011
    Your officiant and witness fill it out and it gets mailed/turned in, it has to be turned in w/i 10 days to be valid.  15 business days after, you can request the legal copy. You get a pink sheet of paper when you pick up the licence that says everything and how to get your copy

    ETA: you sign it at the courthouse. Only the officiant signs at the ceremony.

    Once you get your certified copy, you can take that for any name change or other legal needs.
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    Also, another quick question regarding wedding licenses - Does anyone know if we pick our license up a couple of days before the wedding will it have that date on it or the date we are getting married?
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